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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Practice Update *from Lost in Cello blog*

I think the planning worked well.

I know I have only used it twice but I got through a lot in the first practice session I had using it. Looking back it seems really stupid that I haven’t done this earlier. I normally do follow a plan; but it has always been just in my head and so it easy to get distracted from what I should be doing.

Yesterday morning I followed the below schedule for practice:

C major - 3 octaves (using only first two fingers when moving down neck for the third octave)
The Young Violoncellist's Method
#15 - Exaudet Study
#16 - 1/2 position (include variations 1 & 2)
Studenwerke (German Study)#7 - Lee Study - include practicing with pizz to help the left hand get what it should be doing.
Technic of the Cello Vol 1
#1 - Romberg Study - only first half.
Nice and slowly to begin with and try memorising.
Suzuki Cello Book 1
Twinkle Variations
Cello Time Joggers#36 - 39 with CD to assist with tempo

I went through each piece twice and the only thing I didn’t do was the Cello Time Joggers. It only took half an hour and I got a good feel for what I was supposed to be doing. The main thing I was working on was to get the intonation right on all pieces.

This was the first time for the Technic #1 study. So I just played straight through on that one. I have to wonder how I’ll go memorising that one as there are so many parts of it that are similar to past studies – not to mention it is so long. I don’t know how my brain works sometimes. Some pieces I have been given to memorise I have no trouble with; while others I just never get no matter what I do.

And I did the same again this morning, but I also included the Time Joggers. This time it went even better that yesterday. Was able to spend a bit more time on making sure the intonation was continually correct - this is something that I always have to watch. I can start out pitch perfect and if I'm not careful; can end up at the end totally out of tune.
Let hope I am able to keep up the good work and not go insane from all the packing.

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