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Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Week in Review - not the best week. *from Lost in Cello blog*

What a week. I am totally exhausted and yet I fell as if I have accomplished nothing.

After the move I had to go back to work and do early starts for a week – that is tiring to begin with – but at least I had the afternoons to relax; do some unpacking/

Then last week-end (and I think this is the biggest reason behind my exhaustion) I had my work Christmas party on Saturday night so I went to see New Moon before hand. I was supposed to go with a girl from work; but she had car problems and couldn’t make it.

I loved the movie; I can’t help the fact that I am a Twilight fan.

Then I went to the party and drank a lot and had a great time with the people from work. Unfortunately; when I drink; I can never sleep in the next day; so Sunday I was up early and kept busy all day as well.

After I saw the movie I just had to read all the books again; so now; one week later I have finished reading the all four books. I could not say how many times I have actually read all these books. I am a sucker (excuse the pun) for vampire books; throw in a romantic plot and I gone for good.

And just having typed this; I have realised why I am exhausted. I need to stop reading so much and get some decent sleep.

Musically Speaking - The last week in review:

Good news is; I have kept up my cello practise through all this. At least half an hour on most days; that doesn’t really sound like a lot considering some of the blogs I have read. But it does me well for the time being.

The only real problem I am facing these days is the memorising the music. This is the bane of my musical existence. I don’t get how people can learn whole concertos off by heart. The thing that bugs me is that I can remember the lyric to songs with out a problem, and I can easily remember the melody for those lyric, but put a sheet of music in front of me and my mind goes every which way.

I keep thinking it will get easier; but it doesn't. One week I'll have a relatively short piece and I get through it okay, I write it out and play it over and over and it finally sticks. Then I get a piece that although is a lot easier; is a bit longer and all of a sudden; no matter how many times I play it; no matter how many times I write it out - NOTHING.

I have tried breaking it up into smaller sections. That works for the sections; however as soon as I try to put it back together away - gone, nothing sticks.

But what can I say - next week it will probably fall into place and I'll be all 'memorising is not a problem'

I think consistency is something to strive for.