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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy New Year - Even if it is a bit late *from Lost in Cello blog*

Where has the time gone, it feels as though the last month since I wrote here has just disappeared. When I think back over that time all I remember is work and more work.

Christmas was one day off. I had X-Mas lunch over at J’s (absolutely delicious) I did have a three day week-end for New Year, but I was so tired I didn’t get up to much of anything. Just slept and putted around the house.

Then from the 8th to the 11th my sister; her boyfriend and their four kids were up. Four days or noise; kids and more kids, we had a great time, did some shopping, sight-seeing, went to Dreamworld. But so exhausting. I think Blondie nearly passed out from all the running around the kids did with her.

I finally got to see my new nephew William. He is very cute; just like all the rest of her kids.

Cello has been on a break over the holiday season. I had my last lesson on the 22nd December and my next lesson is on Tuesday 19th January; I have not practiced nearly as much over the break as I should have; but then it wouldn’t have been a break.

Little bit of trivia: 19th will be the one year mark. My first lesson was on 20th January last year. I can barely believe it. I know I have come a long way in that year; but I still listen to cello music and think I will never get there. Sometimes that makes me sad, because I will never be able to play the way the greats can; and other times it just makes me determined to practice more so that I will eventually get there. I like the second state of mind better.

That’s my New Year Resolution – Practice harder so that I can get to a level of skill where I can play as good as I want to.

Although I know it will take more that just this year, it seems a good place to start; and at least it is more achievable than my usual resolutions – losing weight; exercising daily; eliminate junk food. With that stuff; I’m not making anymore promises to myself. They are impossible to keep and they just depress the hell out of me when I fail.

But enough of this for now; surprise, surprise, I have to start work in a minute.

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