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Friday, May 21, 2010

Another Fill - now what?

Well, I had my second fill on Thursday. Fills are not really like what I expected - you hear so many horror stories about first fills. My biggest fear was the doctor not being able to locate the port and he would have to repeatedly jab me to get some fill in. I had nothing to worry about; he found it start away. It is a very odd sensation, not painful, just this pressure on the inside. Very weird. My second fill was the same. Here hoping and wishing all future fills proceed the same way.

Can't really tell what effect it has had on me yet. Had 1ml added, so that means I have 8mls in a band that takes about 12mls. Dr Greenslade said most people need between 7 - 9mls in the band to get the restriction you need.

It has been over a day now and when I ate breakfast this morning (an egg on half a muffin) I did noticed that it took ages to go down and was a bit tight all the way. I am now wondering if that is because of the restriction or just because it was very early in the morning. (I started work at 6:50am - so it was early; and it is so busy I have been able to post this blog. lol)

I’m going to a support group this Sunday (Brisbane Bandster meeting at Milton Coffee Club); there will lots of women there that have been banded for a while, so I should be able to get some feed back there.

On another note: I was not very impressed with my weight loss over the last week, but that will pick up. I just know it. It has too; it's not like I am eating heaps; and it is not like I am eating a lot of unhealthy food. In fact I have been thinking that; maybe my body is just getting used to the idea of the smaller quantities; or am I just trying to kid myself here?!? My body has had plenty of time to adjust – I think I need to pay closer attention to what, when and how much actually goes into my month.

On this note I am starting a food journal. Just a notebook that I can write down everything that I eat. This way I will be more accountable to myself, I know I used to do a lot of eating with out even thinking about it – I don’t think I am still doing this, I cleared my desk out at work of all the extras I used to keep on hand – but something in not going according to the plan.

Now if I want something to eat I need to go to the staff fridge and get something out from my packed lunch (packed is best – so controlled on what you eat, can’t tell yourself you will get the salad but as you pass the kebab shop find yourself there instead)

I will definitely keep you posted on how this goes.

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