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Monday, May 31, 2010

Back to work and on the Scales

Is it sad that I was happy to get back to work...?

What ever you do; don't tell my boss. She'd never believe it anyway.

After a week off there was plenty for me to do and I didn't think of snacking once. I just did my work. I was supposed to have a break at 3pm, but it was 4pm before I even thought about it.

Now all I need to do is find some extra time in the working day to everything up to date.

Other great new today was the scales this morning. A loss of 2.2kg (How's that Bonnie!?!) I couldn't believe it. I have been checking and watching the numbers go down all week, but I never really thought it stay down for my official weigh in this morning.

And with less snacking this week I should be able to add to the wonderful loss this week too.

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  1. That's awesome news. I'm so happy for you. Not sure if you follow Kristen of "I'm with the band", but she is having a weight loss challenge that is starting on June 6th (need to join by this Thursday). Here is the link if you are interested. I haven't joined yet, but I'm going to.