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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cross Stitch

Didn't make it to the tattooist yesterday (he was busy and couldn't fit me in). Good thing I called first. I have an appointment tomorrow morning.

I still got out of the house yesterday - went to Bribie Island and did a walk along the beach there. It got me out of the house at least and I got some exercise done. And I will also be out tomorrow.

Mermaid Cross Stitch

Today I spent most of it cross stitching. I can't eat and cross stitch at the same time - have to keep the hands clean so that the cross stitch doesn't get dirty.

I had this one nearly finished for a while but still had all the back stitch to do on it, so I got that all done today.

This one is going to be added to a carry bag for my cross stitch work. I do it on the train to and from work. Gives me something to do on the hour trip each way and I am so over reading at the moment. The cross stitching on the train will probably only last another month and then I'll get back to reading again.

I have to say that stitching has helped today. Keeping busy helps so much.

Hope all that read this are well. Thanks for your comments; they are appreciated.


  1. Just saying hello! I saw one of your comments on another blog I read (Ramblings from the other side) and love to follow fellow Aussie bandsters.