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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kids Menu

It's my mum's birthday today. I asked her what she would like to do today and she said, 'Let's go to Mt Tamborine for lunch'

If you know Brisbane at all, that is a fare distance. We are in Caboolture on the north side and Mt Tamborine in down past Movie World. After a two hour drive and we spent a few hours walking up and down Gallery Walk and had lunch at one of the cafes up there. An extra bonus to the day was lots of exercise with all the walking.

I ordered from the kid's menu for the first time ever. It was nuggets and chips - quite a small serve too. I didn't even finish it. I ordered from the kids menu, because even though it wasn't the healthiest choice, the rest of the meals at this place were huge and I really didn't want to sit in front of a huge meal, forget myself and do something I would regret - like eat too much or swallow a mouthful that was too big.

I have only done either of these things twice since the surgery, not something I want to do again. Those times I was new, at work and busy. No excuse I know, but I have learnt from them. No more eating while working, I just get too busy and don't concentrate enough. And I no longer sit in front of a meal that is bigger than what I should be eating.

It funny how those two little things can make a big difference to eating. I know I don't have much restriction yet. After one fill, I can eat pretty much what ever I want, as long as I'm a just a little bit careful. So I think it is best that I learn these lessons now and not after I am more restricted. I do not ever want to experience some of the bad stuck episodes I have read about on some of the forums.

I think it is better that I stick to smaller meals at the moment, at least until I have my new life under a little more control.

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