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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Music for Grade Two *from Lost in Cello blog*

I realise that I am in Australia and that Trinity Guildhall is a London, but you would think you would be able to get the same music here as you can over there.

I have had the worst problem getting a music book. JC wanted me to get "Easy Classics for Cello, book 1". I called the music store in Brisbane (which is usually excellent with their stock selection) they didn't have it and couldn't even find it is their system. I was surprised. The music store had all the Trinity grade books, including the new ones for strings, but none of the required other music for it. So we can do all the exercises that is need for the exams, but we can't play the music pieces we need to.

I was able to find it on the web and have ordered it, I should have it in two weeks. Hopefully I will have enough time to learn everything I need to before the exam in August.

Why am I doing this??

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