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Saturday, May 29, 2010

A week off in review

I didn't really stay away from all the bad food this past week.

While I have had many healthy meals and all were small portions; I have had ice cream on a few of the days; I really have to keep it out of the house. I don't know what the scales will say on Monday. I have checked a few times this week and so far it looks good. I think the limited restriction has helped. And it will only improve next week when I am back at work.

Never thought I would actually look forward to returning to work. Go figure... I bet after a week I'll be wishing I was off again. Is there some genetically programed glitch in our brains that has us always wanting the opposite of what we have?!?

Too weird.


  1. Theres a glitch in every brain - I'm positive of it. Work should keep you nice and distracted - unless some sneaky person stashes icecream in the staff room! :)

  2. Hoping you get good scale news on Monday.