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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I had a great NSV couple of days this week and I haven't blogged about them, so I thought I should correct that misdemeanor.

On Monday I was dropping my mum off at work (I had the day off so I drove her into work) she met a friend from work as she got out of the car and off they went for coffee before they started.

Later in the day she call to let me know that her friend had wondered who had dropped her off. When my Mum told her it was me, apparently she was flabbergasted; she had not recognised me as I looked so different from the time she had seen my before last Christmas as I had lost so much weight.

I felt chuffed at the compliment.

Then yesterday I wore heels to work....

Not high; I know; but I haven't been able to wear these shoes in over a year. Previously; I would put them on, walk around the house for three minutes while I would finish getting ready and then have to change into flat shoes as my feet would already be killing me.

Yesterday I wore them all day and did a fare bit of walking as I needed to race up into the city mall after work; when I got home my feet were not really even sore. That hasn't happened in soo long.

I don't know how long I could have been wearing them again, but the only reason I put them on was because the flat shoes I usually wear are lace ups and as I was putting them on Tuesday morning one of the laces broke and I couldn't find a spare lace.

Two days in a row I have had great NSV's and I have only just thought to blog about them.

I was actually going to type in how boring I was when I first started to type, how I had nothing to say; when really I just never think to write about regular stuff that happens in my daily life.

This is what you get when you read every one's fabulous blogs; you are all just too creative with your blog writing. I get intimidated by all the wonderful descriptive and funny blogs written and think I can't compete :)

By the way - Happy Wednesday - it should be hump day, but I am working this week end (reason behind the day off on Monday) so this is only day 2 of 11 for me.... That means my hump day will not be until SUNDAY... I think I just not think about my weekend shifts. I get through this extra long working week when I don't think about too much.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Made It!!!!!!!!!!

I was so scared I would sabotage myself this week as I was so close to a big milestone.

But I didn't. I made it to the 20kg down I was looking for.

I'm so happy with my self. If this had been a past diet I was on it would have taken me weeks to actually get that last 400 grams off to get to this one. But now I just did it with out tooo much stress about it and it gone for ever. Never to be seen again.

I think I like the band best for this reason. It helps me get past my previous hang ups. Like when I am close to a goal that I want to get past, it stops me from sabotaging myself. I can't over eat because I am nervous about not getting to that goal, and so I have to focus on doing the right thing - eating small amounts slowing. I get full with out a lot of food and then walk away from all the rest of it that I would previously have devoured just because it was there.

I love my band.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

BYOC ***Pictures now added***

1. How many piercings do you have? (the ones you can tell us about anyway – *wink wink).

Only the two in each ear - very boring I know.

2. How many tattoos do you have? If you have none and wanted to get one – what would it be?

I have four tattoos:
A Unicorn on my right shoulder
A Pegasus on my left shoulder
A Dragon on my left calf

And a Cello design on my left wrist

***I think I have successfully managed to work out this next picture download system for Blogger***

3. If you’ve ever suffered from a weight-loss plateau, what’s your best advice to get past it?

In the past when have been on diets and I hit a plateau; I would usually fall into a dead depression and that would be the end of the diet.

There were a few times when I was doing really well that I wouldn't let that happen; at that stage I would carefully record everything I ate, making sure that I was extra careful that I would measure all my portions, I would also make sure I was mixing up my exercise routine.

4. This is a repeat. You pick one thing for just one day next week that you want to do….and mentally doing it for the one day can totally jump start more successes. And I feel like I can do anything for just one day.

This week I choose Wednesday and I choose that I will drink all my water for that day. I figure my food is pretty much up to scratch for the time being, but I really need to work on my water intake.

5. Repeat *make someone a Superstar* question – what's your favorite blog or comment of the week?

I have to say the Drazil's post on meds stuck with me this week, as usual she has a way of getting to the heart of the matter. got to love her for that.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BYOC Challenge - one day later then promised

So in last weeks BYOC Drazil challenged up to write some thing down in our blog that we were going to do one day this week:

Tuesday I am going to make sure I follow the Lapband plan 110% 1/2 - 1 cup food, protein first, then veges and lastly the carbs if I need them.

Well it didn't happen on Tuesday. No excuses offered I just forgot about until after my 10:30am lunch break (I'm on earlies this week)

So instead of giving up I decided to do the challenge on Wednesday.

So this is what I eat today:

Breakfast: 1/2 cup of low fat Greek yogurt (have decided I do not like that stuff and will now stick to the regular low fat stuff)
1/2 cup strawberries

Lunch: Egg from a lettuce / egg sandwich (eat some of the lettuce, but not the bread as I had to get some thing from the food trolley and this was the best protein they had)
1 cup of Greek salad (tomato, cucumber, onion and feta - a little olive oil)

Snack: 1/2 cup low fat yogurt (not the Greek stuff)

Dinner: 1 lamb chop
1/4 cup mixed veges
1/4 cup mashed potato

I also had through out the day 5 glasses of water (winter is not a good time for drinking water for me. I need to try to increase the quantity but am not sure how.)

So there you go. I probably could have done better on the challenge.

I'm going to try again. Once a week until I get it 110% right. this is the new challenge I am setting for myself (only once a week as most of the time I am pretty good; but I want to aim for the exceptionally good days)

Hugs to you all.

Monday, June 21, 2010


I just got slimmed and I have no one to blame but myself....

I came home from my cello lesson at 9pm and was starving, I made a ham and cheese wrap and started eating. I thought I was eating it slow, but obviously not slow enough.

Half way through I think I had two bites too close together and all of a sudden...ouch ouch ouch.

I wriggled around for a bit in my seat, that didn't help. I stood up and walked around, that didn't help. I bent over and.....

SLIME...BURPS....and more SLIME

Gross or what.

I am no longer hungry at the moment. That is something I suppose. Don't know if it is a good or bad thing yet.

This has taught me something that I have been doing automatically.

Make sure I eat earlier. I think a standard rule of thumb is going to be NO EATING AFTER 7PM.

Shouting at myself there, just so that it sinks in.

This has also made me a bit tired now; so I am off to bed. Hopefully I will not have anymore problems tonight.

This can be such a demanding learning curve sometimes.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nearly another 20 celebration!!!!!!!

I can almost celebrate another 20 milestone.

Only 400 grams and I will be down 20kg since I had my first Surgeon consult. Yahoooooo!

It has sort of snuck up on me and was not expecting it. I did not even notice until I updated the ticker at the top of my blog.

19.6kg lost. 57.3kg to go.

Can you believe it. That is what happens when you have another loss on the scales. 1.1kg this week gone for good.

I had been a little worried this week and thought I may not actually loss anything. I don't know why. I had given myself a few treats this week and I am still on the mindset that if I have anything that is not 100% good, then I will gain weight instead of seeing a lose on the scales.

That is something that I need to work on. The mind work is still 90% of this journey and slowly but surely I am starting to understand that and work on it.

I really need to work on my rewards too. I decided that I wanted a charm bracelet (just something I have always wanted, but I wanted it to mean something to me, not just random charms on it) I have the bracelet; but I don't have any charms for it yet. Originally I wanted it to have numbers e.g. 5, 10, 15 etc.. for each 5kg that I lost, but I can't find the charms I want without having them specially made.

So I have decided to have numbers for the 10 milestones and for the odds, just regular charms. That way I will be able to add charms that count the kilos I have lost; as well as charms that represent other things I love in life.

That's it from me at the moment ladies and gentlemen, happy reading.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


First off..... I have finally worked out why I am always late with BYOC... Time Zones. When it is 10pm Friday night here in Australia it something like 7am in America. Yes; it has taken me a while to work this out. I actually thought I was just missing it every week.

Any who, here are the questions:

1. If your heart had a singing voice, whose would it be?

I would have to say the magical styling of Tori Amos.

2. What is your most disgusting habit?

I used to chew my own toenails off (I was flexible enough to do that when I was younger). I would total gross out my mother and sister when I did that.

Now it would probably be the burping that I do. I tend to be loud and occasionally I'll forget that I not in the privacy of my our home.

3. Carmen and I were talking about Chicago and our fears...for those of you going (and those of you not you can answer as if you were going)...what is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear if I was going would be that I would be too shy to let any one get to know me and too shy to get to know anyone there. Only as we would be about to leave would I probably relax enough to get to know the people.

4. This isn't so much a question but a challenge. Name one thing you will do for just one day next week in the name of health and commit to it on your blog and to us.

Tuesday I am going to make sure I follow the Lapband plan 110% 1/2 - 1 cup food, protein first, then veges and lastly the cards if I need them.

And lots of water........

5. Whose blog or comment stuck with you the most this week?

I just read Tracy's
One Foodie's Band Quest blog on following the rules and the first paragraph just hit me like a sledge hammer. So simple, so easy and yet so true.

Friday, June 18, 2010


I can't believe it, 20 followers. That means that at some point in time at least twenty people have read my blog.

A big thank you to:

Tracy Jo
Miss Vickie

I never thought I would have so many followers. And I just wanted to say: myspace graphic comments
Myspace Thank You Graphics

I hope I don't bore you too often.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Doc Appointment

Hello to all my wonderful followers who come to read my ramblings.

I had an appointment with my surgeon today for another fill......... but didn't get one.

Doc was happy with my weight loss this month (4kg) and thought I should leave it for another month to see how I go. I was kind of hoping for another fill, maybe a small one. But I didn't have myself convinced enough to debate it with him. I think it is probably a good idea really to give it another month.

I only eat small portions and I am full after the meal. Any restriction or tight feelings I have felt in the last month have been just after the fill, when it was TTOM or if I was eating too fast. Another month at this level may help me work out when I am feeling satisfied and not just eating what I put in front of me.

Does anyone else have the problem of not knowing when you are getting full, or have had enough without feeling full.?

My whole life I have always eaten until I was so full I couldn't eat anymore. And I wonder if the reason I was looking for another fill is because I miss that 'so full I'm gonna burst' feeling. Since being banded I am terrified of that feeling because I don't want my pouch to stretch or slip or anything else to go wrong.

I know I am only at the beginning of a long journey and learning new habits is just ass big a step as the weight loss itself, but sometimes it feels like there are things I will never be truly comfortable with.

Random thought.... CONGRATS to QLD... 5th State of Original Win IN A ROW.

And I don't really like footy, but State of Origin really has nothing to do with football. Its all about QLD beating NSW. he he. Now if only there was some way we could also win the last of the three games as well. We have not managed to do that since the mid 90's.
Even when I was living in NSW I have always cheered for QLD.

I have been busy with work and late starts this week.
I am still walking to the station in the morning. It is averaging out that I do the walk four times a week. It really gets the blood flowing, and I have to say, I get through the day so much easier.
The only thing I can complain about (and just because I have to have something to complain about) is that it does cut into my cello practise time. So I just have to work out another time to do that... not to hard to do as it is something I love doing.
Okay I think I have done enough rambling for now. I hope all that came to read this blog are doing great.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Long Week-end

Well it is Friday night. The start of a long week-end. I had today off and that will be it for my long week-end.

I am working the rest of the week-end and I am not sure if I am looking forward to it or not. Week-end work is the one love/hate thing in my job. Ask me three time in the one day and I will give you three different answers.

  1. I love the overtime - its the difference between paying all the bills and expenses or paying the bills & expenses and still having something left over to splurge with.
  2. I like the work when I am busy.
  3. But I hate it when it isn't busy - it just makes the whole week-end drag on something.
Thankfully this weekend should be busy. I work in a call centre for long distance trains, but this week-end I will not be on the phones, I will be ticketing bookings all week-end - that usually means I will be kept busy. Thankfully.

And we only have another two weeks until QLD schools go on holidays; so we should be busy as this is the time when people who travel on trains think about travelling for the holidays.

I think the saddest thing is that it is Friday night and I am curled up on the couch trying to keep warm and watching a bit of the idiot box. (There is nothing good on TV)

One of these days I am going to organise a long week-end away. There are so many lovely places in South East Queensland - its just a matter of organising and doing it.

I guess I should go, I have been inspired to search out great destinations.

Weird Morning

I had the weirdest morning yesterday (hungry wise).

I left the house at 7am, I was felling a little hungry and I thought that I should have had something to eat before I left, thinking it would be okay and I would get something when I got to the city.

The strangest thing though; after I got to the station I didn't think about food and when I got into the city I wasn't hungry. I grabbed my coffee and went to work. I didn't feel hungry until around noon.

That is the first time that has ever happened and I can't explain why. I have to wonder if it was the exercise. I'm not at work today so there was no need to get up early for the train and as I was hungry I grabbed something to eat.

It makes me wonder if yesterday was a fluke or if I had gone for a walk this morning before breakfast, would the same thing have happened today.

Is it possible that a fill can start to effect you weeks after you have it, I was definitely feeling a little tighter than what I have been lately; and even this morning when I did eat something, it took ages to eat it and I still felt it going down. Not stuck but it sure did fill me up.

I am going for a fill on Thursday and I am hoping that the doctor will fill me up just a bit more. But if this restriction hangs around I may not need it... I am so confused at the moment.

I'm just going to have to wait and see. Hope everyone how reads this is having a great day.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Something that I used to do....

That I am now trying to undo:

A post by Judi really got me thinking about what I used to do or even still do that I need to undo so that I am successful with the band:

Just like the girl in Judi's post I have offered out an excuse as to why I was buying unhealthy food to complete strangers.

I commented on her post that as a defence I actually blocked people out. Do you know how easy it is to work through life and not pay attention to who is around you. If you notice them, that means they will notice you. I can't tell you how long I have been ignoring the people around me so that I didn't have to face myself.

I know it is all just a defence mechanism that why warped brain had come up with so that I didn't have to face the fact that I was constantly eating crap and loads of it.

Since this journey has started, I have been trying to undo this very bad habit. I am making some progress, but there are times when I wonder if I have done irreversible damage to myself. It is awfully hard to suddenly stop something that I have been doing automatically for so long.

I have always been shy, painfully so. It's probably why I love writing on this blog, the sense of anonymity is such a relief, especially now when I can't even put up a picture of me yet. Hopefully I will be able to get to that point soon.

I am still a work in progress.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I have changed my weigh in days to Sunday for the 'Hot Summer Meltdown' challenge. Only down 0.5 kilos this week, but I was not expecting big numbers again after last weeks supper efforts on the scales and what with TTOM here this week.

The restriction I was felling after my last fill is still there; but it has lessened quite a bit. That being said; I am making sure the my serve sizes are still as they should be and and most meals are pretty good. Well, most of it exect for the brownie yesterday (and yes... the other pieces were eaten, we had one after dinner and the last bits were after a movie this afternoon)

The movie we went to was 'The Back Up Plan', I got a double pass to see it from work, they were handing them out and I said 'Yes Please'.

It was a pretty good romantic comedy, some very funny bits in it and great light entertainment. Nothing like seeing a movie were all you have to do is laugh when you feel like it and know it is going to have a happy ending. I really don't get to the movies as much as I used to. For a while there you never knew if there would be a happy ending half the time and that is something I got tired of. I like to go to the movies to escape, so depressing movies just aren't for me.

Anyway, I think I have rambled on enough for today. Good luck to everyone in the Hot Summer Meltdown, may we all melt down heaps.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

TTOM & Fudge Brownies

What can I say, the fudge brownie mix has been in the cupboard for months....long before I was banded. I wanted a piece of chocolate, my only defence (as lame as it is) is that it's TTOM and I felt like crap this morning. So I made the package up. It made eight brownies and I have had two of them today. Mum also had two pieces with me. That was my lunch for the day.

One of the great things about being banded is that the brownie filled me up and I didn't need anything else. Not the healthiest, but it is the first time I have done anything like this in months.

TTOM has always been the one time that I can not ignore chocolate. Many diets in my life time have come undo just because of TTOM.

And the crazy thing is that it took me the longest time to actually work it out. I didn't realise that was the catalyst until I went to weight watches and for the first time I had to record everything I ate. It finally dawned on me that I didn't eat chocolate every single day and when I was actively following the plan I would wonder why I would suddenly binge out on chocolate. It still took a few months before I realised that this was happening at the same time as TTOM.

When it finally did dawn on me (I am sure I was in denial for the longest time) I felt like a real dolt for missing the obvious.

The fact that I know this has not made it any easier to avoid chocolate. the only difference is now I can usually stop at just one chocolate bar and not a whole block of chocolate.

There has even been a month or two where I have managed not to eat the chocolate. But it was a struggle.

So that is how I justify the brownie journey today. Now I just have to do something with the other four pieces of brownie so that I don't eat them as well.


1. If you could live anywhere in the world - where would it be and why?

* Having only travelled a little and only in Australia (still need to get a passport and take a trip overseas) I can't say for definite where I would like to live. In Australia I think it would be here in Brisbane Queensland, but I would love the opportunity to travel the world and maybe find that perfect spot were I would live for the rest of my days

2. How old were you when you got drunk for the 1st time?

* I think I was about 23, it was a week day; working at Coles supermarket on the late shift, I went out after work one night with a group of friends and just got completely drunk. One and only time I have ever thrown up from alcohol. And I still had to go to work the next day. The worst day ever. I kept missing the edges of the counters and took a few chunks of skin out of my fingers and knuckles.

3. What was your favorite toy growing up?

* I was given a yellow puppy with brown floppy ears when I was born by my godfather and through out the years he has had many different names but most of the time he is just "Puppy". I still have him 34 years later. There have been other wonderful toys in my life (including a cabbage patch kid named Isabella) but Puppy has always been a return to favourite of mine.

4. What's your favorite season and why?

* I have always preferred winter; as the cooler weather was so much easier to handle being so big. However, I am really feeling the cold so far this year and I wonder if as I lose weight I'll start to like the summer months more.

5. Repeat question....which blog or comment spoke to you or stuck with you the most this week?

* One blog that struck close to home this week was
A Brand New Roo: That old feeling....Will it return. Wanting to make changes and how it will affect the people around her and getting back to a weight that she was previous very happy at.

There are so many blogs were I just think to myself - yes that is exactly what I am feeling. It really is a great help, knowing I'm not totally alone in what I am feeling.

Happy reading everyone and have a great weekend.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hot Summer Meltdown

Well I have joined the Hot Summer Meltdown challenge. Even if I'll be doing it through the Aussie Winter - wonder if it will make my think it is warmer.

Kristen (I'm with the band) has started the challenge. It's great, everyone who joins puts in $5.00 (US) and at the end the person who has lost the biggest % of weight loss gets a gift voucher for the total amount in the kitty.

My biggest problem will be to remember to do the weigh ins in pounds and not kilos, good thing my scale can do both, I'll just have to remember to flick a switch before I get on them. And I will also have to remember to send in my results on Sunday (US time); I just have to work out if that is before or after the Aussie Sunday. I always get confused in the time zones.

In other news today, I have had the worst luck this week in finding a parking space at the railway station. On Monday I lucked out at the third station I drove to. I think someone must have just left the parking lot before I got there because it was really close and was the only spot left.

Yesterday was worse. No parking anywhere. After checking at the three stations again and getting nowhere I gave up and drove into work. That meant paying $35.00 for parking. I was not impressed.

So today I said 'stuff it'; left the car at home and walked to the station. I was expecting it to take about an hour.

Half an hour. That was all it took. I couldn't believe it.

I had no idea how far it was until I got to work and I googled it. The distance is 2.5km, so I did the walk in an average time.

One of the reasons I wasn't sure how long it would take is because to drive you have to travel extra 2km; but walking there is a side walking alley a few houses down from me that takes you direct to the main road.

I will definitely be doing this for the rest of the week (okay so there is only two more days, but that's beside the point). I may even start doing the walk every day; I'll have to see how it goes this week. But it definitely will be my mode of transport when I have to do these late starts (and by late starts I mean I start at 11:30am and need to be at the railway station at 10am - 1 hour train ride and time to get my coffee before I start).

Well that's all I really have to say today. Best wishes to everyone.