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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Doc Appointment

Hello to all my wonderful followers who come to read my ramblings.

I had an appointment with my surgeon today for another fill......... but didn't get one.

Doc was happy with my weight loss this month (4kg) and thought I should leave it for another month to see how I go. I was kind of hoping for another fill, maybe a small one. But I didn't have myself convinced enough to debate it with him. I think it is probably a good idea really to give it another month.

I only eat small portions and I am full after the meal. Any restriction or tight feelings I have felt in the last month have been just after the fill, when it was TTOM or if I was eating too fast. Another month at this level may help me work out when I am feeling satisfied and not just eating what I put in front of me.

Does anyone else have the problem of not knowing when you are getting full, or have had enough without feeling full.?

My whole life I have always eaten until I was so full I couldn't eat anymore. And I wonder if the reason I was looking for another fill is because I miss that 'so full I'm gonna burst' feeling. Since being banded I am terrified of that feeling because I don't want my pouch to stretch or slip or anything else to go wrong.

I know I am only at the beginning of a long journey and learning new habits is just ass big a step as the weight loss itself, but sometimes it feels like there are things I will never be truly comfortable with.

Random thought.... CONGRATS to QLD... 5th State of Original Win IN A ROW.

And I don't really like footy, but State of Origin really has nothing to do with football. Its all about QLD beating NSW. he he. Now if only there was some way we could also win the last of the three games as well. We have not managed to do that since the mid 90's.
Even when I was living in NSW I have always cheered for QLD.

I have been busy with work and late starts this week.
I am still walking to the station in the morning. It is averaging out that I do the walk four times a week. It really gets the blood flowing, and I have to say, I get through the day so much easier.
The only thing I can complain about (and just because I have to have something to complain about) is that it does cut into my cello practise time. So I just have to work out another time to do that... not to hard to do as it is something I love doing.
Okay I think I have done enough rambling for now. I hope all that came to read this blog are doing great.


  1. I have yet to get a fill as I am only 3 + weeks out of surgery. It sounds as though you are doing very well!

  2. Hey Sam! New to your blog, can't wait to follow your journey!

  3. I, too, am still trying to learn what my body feels like at the full/satisfied stage. Usually I blow right past that to stuffed!

  4. From what I've read it's quite a balancing act to decide whether or not to get a fill.