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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hot Summer Meltdown

Well I have joined the Hot Summer Meltdown challenge. Even if I'll be doing it through the Aussie Winter - wonder if it will make my think it is warmer.

Kristen (I'm with the band) has started the challenge. It's great, everyone who joins puts in $5.00 (US) and at the end the person who has lost the biggest % of weight loss gets a gift voucher for the total amount in the kitty.

My biggest problem will be to remember to do the weigh ins in pounds and not kilos, good thing my scale can do both, I'll just have to remember to flick a switch before I get on them. And I will also have to remember to send in my results on Sunday (US time); I just have to work out if that is before or after the Aussie Sunday. I always get confused in the time zones.

In other news today, I have had the worst luck this week in finding a parking space at the railway station. On Monday I lucked out at the third station I drove to. I think someone must have just left the parking lot before I got there because it was really close and was the only spot left.

Yesterday was worse. No parking anywhere. After checking at the three stations again and getting nowhere I gave up and drove into work. That meant paying $35.00 for parking. I was not impressed.

So today I said 'stuff it'; left the car at home and walked to the station. I was expecting it to take about an hour.

Half an hour. That was all it took. I couldn't believe it.

I had no idea how far it was until I got to work and I googled it. The distance is 2.5km, so I did the walk in an average time.

One of the reasons I wasn't sure how long it would take is because to drive you have to travel extra 2km; but walking there is a side walking alley a few houses down from me that takes you direct to the main road.

I will definitely be doing this for the rest of the week (okay so there is only two more days, but that's beside the point). I may even start doing the walk every day; I'll have to see how it goes this week. But it definitely will be my mode of transport when I have to do these late starts (and by late starts I mean I start at 11:30am and need to be at the railway station at 10am - 1 hour train ride and time to get my coffee before I start).

Well that's all I really have to say today. Best wishes to everyone.


  1. Great job walking to work! It's good for you and the environment--BONUS! :)

  2. Hello, Just found your blog.
    Walking to the station is a great idea, you get exercise and save money!!