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Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Made It!!!!!!!!!!

I was so scared I would sabotage myself this week as I was so close to a big milestone.

But I didn't. I made it to the 20kg down I was looking for.

I'm so happy with my self. If this had been a past diet I was on it would have taken me weeks to actually get that last 400 grams off to get to this one. But now I just did it with out tooo much stress about it and it gone for ever. Never to be seen again.

I think I like the band best for this reason. It helps me get past my previous hang ups. Like when I am close to a goal that I want to get past, it stops me from sabotaging myself. I can't over eat because I am nervous about not getting to that goal, and so I have to focus on doing the right thing - eating small amounts slowing. I get full with out a lot of food and then walk away from all the rest of it that I would previously have devoured just because it was there.

I love my band.