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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I had a great NSV couple of days this week and I haven't blogged about them, so I thought I should correct that misdemeanor.

On Monday I was dropping my mum off at work (I had the day off so I drove her into work) she met a friend from work as she got out of the car and off they went for coffee before they started.

Later in the day she call to let me know that her friend had wondered who had dropped her off. When my Mum told her it was me, apparently she was flabbergasted; she had not recognised me as I looked so different from the time she had seen my before last Christmas as I had lost so much weight.

I felt chuffed at the compliment.

Then yesterday I wore heels to work....

Not high; I know; but I haven't been able to wear these shoes in over a year. Previously; I would put them on, walk around the house for three minutes while I would finish getting ready and then have to change into flat shoes as my feet would already be killing me.

Yesterday I wore them all day and did a fare bit of walking as I needed to race up into the city mall after work; when I got home my feet were not really even sore. That hasn't happened in soo long.

I don't know how long I could have been wearing them again, but the only reason I put them on was because the flat shoes I usually wear are lace ups and as I was putting them on Tuesday morning one of the laces broke and I couldn't find a spare lace.

Two days in a row I have had great NSV's and I have only just thought to blog about them.

I was actually going to type in how boring I was when I first started to type, how I had nothing to say; when really I just never think to write about regular stuff that happens in my daily life.

This is what you get when you read every one's fabulous blogs; you are all just too creative with your blog writing. I get intimidated by all the wonderful descriptive and funny blogs written and think I can't compete :)

By the way - Happy Wednesday - it should be hump day, but I am working this week end (reason behind the day off on Monday) so this is only day 2 of 11 for me.... That means my hump day will not be until SUNDAY... I think I just not think about my weekend shifts. I get through this extra long working week when I don't think about too much.


  1. Since my blog is called Dreams of Skinny high Heels, I can totally relate to the heels NSV! Isn't it a wonderful feeling of wearing heels that don't hurt your feet? Congrats!

  2. I think that is a great NSV!! And what nice compliments to not be recognized!!

  3. Great NSV's! Congrats! Sucks to be working 11 days in a row :(