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Friday, June 11, 2010

Weird Morning

I had the weirdest morning yesterday (hungry wise).

I left the house at 7am, I was felling a little hungry and I thought that I should have had something to eat before I left, thinking it would be okay and I would get something when I got to the city.

The strangest thing though; after I got to the station I didn't think about food and when I got into the city I wasn't hungry. I grabbed my coffee and went to work. I didn't feel hungry until around noon.

That is the first time that has ever happened and I can't explain why. I have to wonder if it was the exercise. I'm not at work today so there was no need to get up early for the train and as I was hungry I grabbed something to eat.

It makes me wonder if yesterday was a fluke or if I had gone for a walk this morning before breakfast, would the same thing have happened today.

Is it possible that a fill can start to effect you weeks after you have it, I was definitely feeling a little tighter than what I have been lately; and even this morning when I did eat something, it took ages to eat it and I still felt it going down. Not stuck but it sure did fill me up.

I am going for a fill on Thursday and I am hoping that the doctor will fill me up just a bit more. But if this restriction hangs around I may not need it... I am so confused at the moment.

I'm just going to have to wait and see. Hope everyone how reads this is having a great day.


  1. So many things can affect restriction - TTOM, stress, sleep, injury , just to name a few. I sometimes feel a bit of hunger when I wake up, but if I keep busy I usually forget and then not hungry till afternoon. A lot of bandsters can't eat anything in the morning so don't worry if you can't.

    Em :)

  2. I find restriction the weirdest of things - and yeah, I think it could kick in after a few weeks. Just like Em said: so many things affect it.. and it goes both ways - loosening off and tightening up.