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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Close call

What can I say. My weigh in this morning came as such a shock to me.

130.6kg (287.9 lbs)

That's a loss of 0.5kg.

I have to confess that I have been sneaking peaks at the scales though out the week. I don't like doing this and most of the time I can get through the week with only one check, usually on a Thursday. But this week I was checking every other day.

When I checked on Friday it was up to 132.3kg. I know it was TTOM and that always adds some water weight, but I was not expecting it to all to disappear.

I honestly thought I was going to put on weight. And when I stopped to think about it; I always think I am going to put on weight.

No matter how my week has gone, I always think the worst.

Can I please stop this?!?

If I was to evaluate my diet now and compare it to when I was doing great at Weight Watchers, I am doing so much better now without even trying. The band naturally gives my the restraint I need to only eat small portions. Yes, at times my choices could be alot better, but I not eating nearly as much as what I used to. Why do I constantly doubt myself?

Retraining the brain is hard work. I need to let go of these insecurities, like continually thinking I am going to fail with the band . I try not to let it get to me, and one of the things I do when these thoughts try to bring me down is look at all your wonderful blogs, just seeing at the tickers we all have showing the amount of weight we have lost and how long we have all had the bands for and reading all the successes we come across each day. I know that as long as I keep focused on the positives I will be successful.

I just have to stay focused.


  1. although i am not a bandit yet (oct surgery date), that's my secret fear too: that the band really won't work for me like it does for others. all those weight loss failures take a toll... but i am soooo glad to hear the band gives you that spite of your brain wanting to sabotage the process. congrats on your loss!!! you can DO IT!!!

  2. You are so right - retraining the brain is the hardest!