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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First half of challenge done

I don't know if it is acceptance or denial; but the depression I was expecting to hit after my weight gain this week has not arrived.

I want to tilt to the acceptance side of things.

I know I had done wrong and I am working at fixing the problem.

So to that end, I have completed part of my BYCO challenge - no sugar.

Today's meals went like this:

730 breakfast - bacon and egg sandwich (I only ate half a slice of the bread) and a skinny latte - even stayed clear of the Cap so that there was no choc on top.
1230 lunch - ham cheese tomato on rye wrap
230 afternoon - 4 pieces of calamari - First time I have eaten this since banding and I took it quite slowly to be on the safe side but did not have any problem with them :)
730 dinner - I am about to make my self an omelet with eggs, spring onion (from my own garden) tomato and mixed veges, with some bake beans on the side.

I am not sure how that stands up for a healthy balanced diet. I know I need to get more veges (hence why I am going to add some mixed veges to my omelet), but I have realised that sometime find it hard to plan ahead.

I will work on that. The second part of my challenge was to do the same on Thursday - no sugar.


  1. Hi Sam

    Sounds to me like you need a fill!! I think you are running on willpower.

    If you are able to eat bread (especially in the morning!!) and wraps etc without any issues I think you are dealing with real hunger not head hunger!

    Take care

  2. Fixing the problem definitely the better road to take than depression. Congrats!