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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Round 2 for Measurements

I decided to take another round of measurements this morning and have added a few more places to measure. The extras are things I had though to measure after the first lot I took.

The neck idea came from a website were you can get an estimate of your body fat percentage, it uses the US Navy Body Fat Calculator to give you an estimate. I know it is only a guide, but it is interesting to try every now and then.

So for this mornings measurements:

Neck: 39cm - new measurement
Bust: 117cm - down 2cm
Chest: 106cm - new measurement
Waist: 113cm - down 3cm
Hip: 152.5cm - down 2.5cm
Left Arm: 44cm - the same
Right Arm: 45.5cm - up 0.5cm (don't know what happened here)
Left Thigh: 83.5cm - down 4.5cm
Right Thigh: 84.5cm - down 4.5cm
Left Knee: 45.5cm - down 1.5cm
Right Knee: 45cm - down 2cm
Left Calf: 52.5cm - new measurement
Right Calf: 52cm - new measurement

All up there is a total centimeters lost of 19.5cm


I am especially proud of the the thigh loss recorded, all this walking is starting to pay off.

The only thing I am not sure about is the arms. I don't know if I just measured incorrectly last time (because I double checked it this time) or if I have gained 1/2 a cm on my right arm. i am thinking I measured wrong last time, but I will have to check on that next time.

This also illustrated that I really need to work on the arms as it is the only place that I didn't lose any centimeters. And this is one of my areas that I now I have to work on as I do not want to end up with bat wings. I have them now and I want them gone. It can be done, I have seen them go. There is a lady that goes to the support meetings I go to and she has fantastic arms. You wouldn't believe it to look at her before photos. She said she did a lot of exercises with a workout band, she would do lots of resistance training just while she would be watching TV at night. That is what I am going to have to do.

I best be off for now, I have more of your great blogs to read and I need to check on Drazil's BYOC. So I may even get a second post in today. That and work, my life is so busy at the moment.

Hugs to all.


  1. Yes yes do BYOC! AWESOME loss of inches - you are toning!

  2. You may have just measured in a slightly different spot on your arms last time, which would account for the difference.

    Fantastic work on those measurements, you should really proud of yourself!

    Em :)