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Thursday, July 8, 2010


I truly believe that slider foods are the bane of my existence.

I think I may have reached the point were on previous diet attempts I would just give up; even if I was succeeding. It's kinda like the seven year itch...just a much shorter time period.

Maybe I should call it the 'Four Month Itch'. I know it is just my food choices that is making feel this way; and I know I am still losing weight; but my mind needs to be jump started back on track.

I hate this feeling!

I am eating whatever I want and it is not being stopped. Sure my portions are still small, but that doesn't mean allot if I am eating crap food. I need to get a handle on this downward spiral I have started.

I have a feeling it could very well be water related. I know I am not getting enough. I was sitting at my desk at work this afternoon, thinking 'I'm hungry, what should I get from the evil snack machine'. I tried to stop the craving, but I did cave in and bought a chocolate crunch bar. But as I was coming back to my desk I stopped off to fill my water bottle and that is when it hit me. was 4pm and I had had less than 500ml of water all day, no wonder I was caving into crappy food cravings.

So not only and I making poor choices, I am also not getting enough water.

And I don't know if the lack of water has anything to do with the four month diet itch, or if it is on top of that.


I think I am going stir crazy.

Okay.. Plan of attach...

Meals tomorrow - no sliders:

Breakfast will be an omelet
Lunch will be chicken salad
Dinner will be chops and veges
Snacks will be limited to strawberries and a small muesli bar.


As for the rest of it, I have a fill appointment next Thursday, and if I have to I will demand more fill.

I will get past the four month diet itch though, won't I?


  1. Sliders are causing me a lot of problems at the moment too!!!

    Why oh why must sliders be sooooo tasty?!!!!

  2. Everybody, even the most successful among us, have moments (aka, days) of weakness. You'll get back on track. Thank God for fills.

  3. I'm with you on this. Sometimes we just need to put our goals out into the universe to make them happen. You will get back on track.

  4. Oh, I am at my 2 month and am not looking forward to the 4th month...thanks to your post. Ha, just kidding! This has been a week from overeating hell! Must be the moon or something! Hope you stay on track today!!!

  5. Hang in there, you have a plan and that's a great start. I think sometimes, for me, I'm thirsty and go to food instead. So, let's drink up!

  6. I've been eyeing my husband's Diet Cokes lately. Finally, I figured out that I'm not really craving Diet Coke...I'm just thirsty. A glass (or two) of water usually does the trick and, Viola!--no more craving.

  7. This all sounds so familiar! Keep up the good work though, you are doing so well!

  8. You WILL get past the itch, this is just another learning experience!!!