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Friday, August 27, 2010

A Fill, a Gym and a Cello walk into a nurse's office....

Well it has been an exciting few days here in the land of Sam and her band.

The Fill: Yesterday I had an appointment with my surgeon and got another 0.5ml fill I am not 100% sure were this puts me in the fill range, because when ever he does a fill, he takes everything out to check the level and then puts it all pack in with the extra bit of fill. When he emptied the band this time only 8ml was in the syringe, so either he didn't add any last time or he tricked me and didn't add as much as he said he would another time in the past? I know he doesn't like his patients to worry too much about the amount that is in the band, as some people can get too worried about the number and not the actual restriction you have, so I just go with it. Still on mushies this morning, so don't really know how this one is going just yet.

The Gym: My tax return showed up yesterday (yippee) so I have just been off to get a new pair of shoes and then I went straight off to join the gym. It has certainly taken longer than I thought it would and I am a little bit annoyed at myself for that. I know I couldn't help it, what with finances being extra tight for the last month. But I wish I could have joined up earlier instead of always harping on about it.

Over with now, I have signed the paperwork and tied the laces and my first workout in a gym will be tomorrow:) They will assess me and do up a workout plan for me.

My Cello: I had my grade two exam this morning. I think I went okay, I have not been nervous about it at all this week, it was like I just forgot about it. I woke up this morning just a little bit nervous, and once I got there, I was nervous.
  • I did my scales - a little off key for the last two notes.
  • Technical exercises - out of the two I played I think I just made a small error in one of them
  • Music pieces with piano accompaniment - I think I did really well at this part. Having someone I knew in the room and playing with me really helped me relax a bit.
  • Sight reading - no problem here, for some reason the first time a play a new piece I have no problems with it.
  • Aural test - I think I did okay, but I really can't be sure on this one. The aural has not been a strong part for me, I tend to make educated guesses for it most of the time. It is one area where I will just need to wait and see.
I get the results in about three weeks. I hopefully will not stress too much about them until then. That is another weird thing that I do. I worry after the test and not before it. It has always been that way. At school I would study but never stress about exams, then once the exam was done and there was nothing else I could do, I would start stressing. Wondering if I passed or not. Most people were the other way around, once the stress of the exam was over they would relax.

I still haven't named my new Cello, but I do have some pictures of her at last:

The Front

The Back
I love the two tones on her back and I love how on the front she is lighter around the edges. And I do love how she sounds. And yes, my cello is a female, from what I have heard from other people, most of them are:)

Nurse's Office: you know when you get those little bits of cuticles on the side of your finger, they get a little hard and if you don't fix them they can catch on something and tear at your skin? Well that happened to me this morning on my right middle finger when I was putting my cello away in its case to get ready for my exam. It was really cold and I did not even notice the cuticle. When I do, I usually grab some hand cream and give the cuticles a little moisturiser bath.

This morning this tear on my cuticle would not stop bleeding. I ran it under water, then put a lot of pressure on it with a tissue and it took about ten minutes to finally stop bleeding. I put a bandaid on it and thought it was finally done. But I had to take the bandaid off for my cello exam. It was on my right hand, which is the one I use the bow with, but I needed the finger to be bandaid free for better grip. I had no problem in the exam, but again when I was putting my cello away, it opened up again and it got all bloody again. I have never had such a small cut give me soo much trouble. I think I finally have it under control:)

I best be off. Have to get ready for the ABC Symphony Australia Young Performers Awards, it should be good:)


  1. Hope that your fill helps, well done on your exam, I'm sure that you'll do really well!

  2. Hopefully this will will do it for you! I need one bad!