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Monday, August 16, 2010

Go - Chica - Go Challenge

Drazil and Joey have concocted a challenge to get us all moving.

This one is not organised by weightloss, but exercise sessions and miles travelled. Here are the details if you are interested in it.

This one should be interesting, firstly, I'm an Aussie, so I don't do miles, I do kilometers, so this means that every time I do some distance, I'm gonna have to convert it. It is nothing big, just something I can complain about:) I'll get over that.

Next is that to do this challenge I am going to have to stop talking about exercising and actually do it. What a horrid throught :)

I have not walked to the station in aa few weeks. I had a week of early 6:30am starts so had to be at the station by 5:00am and that was too early and way too cold to walk and since then I conveniently forgot to go back to walking in the mornings. So I will walk tomorrow morning, just to get me ready for the challenge;P

I may not win, but I will put in the effort:)