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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lily and Still Sugar Free

The prognosis doesn't look very good for Lily at the moment.

She is currently being assessed and apparently it may cost quite a bit to get her back to her old self. I have to wait until the luthier can do a full check on her and write up a quote on what it will cost to repair her; but his initial response was that it could cost up to $5000 dollars - Ye Gods. When the insurance company sees that they may decide that they will not pay that and opt for the replacement option instead.

I am hoping that it won't cost that much in the end and the insurance will cover it all. I have checked our content policy and I think it is covered, but I will have to wait until the paper work goes through before I can now for sure.

And in the meantime; I am going to have to look into hiring a cello until Lily is fixed because my music exam is on the 27th August and it will not wait, and there is no way Lily will be ready in time. I get the feeling it could be a long road to recovery for her.

Thanks for all your kind words.  They really helped when I was feeling down.

In other news - Day Five of Sugar Free

Wow, it actually easier and harder at the same time:
  • Easier because I am no longer fighting the sugar cravings
  • Harder because when a workmate offered me a lolly today I almost forgot and NEARLY had one, I remembered in time and it really wasn't anything to turn it down.
I still want to go a full week though. More to prove to myself that I can than anything else. I think it would be when I was on my pre-surgery diet since I went a full seven days or more without sugar.


  1. I've missed something!! What happened?!!!!!

    You are going through a dreadful time!

    PS I'm hoping to follow your sugar free example - day one for me!!!

  2. It's really alright, Lily is just a cello.

    Much loved musical instrument that has badly damaged yesterday:)

  3. Hopefully the insurence will cover it all. My fingers are crossed for you.

  4. Thanks for the comment, I'm the same - I try to comment but often just don't have time :)

    Sucks about Lily, fingers crossed your insurance will come through.

    I'm super impressed with your Sugar challenge. I couldn't do it!!

    Em :)