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Friday, August 6, 2010

One week sugar free....

Well Ladies and Gents,

I lasted the one week I wanted to on the sugar free detox.

Today would have been day eight but with out even thinking I had very small piece of caramel slice.

And by small, I do mean small. Only a 2cm by 2cm square. There was a meet and greet at work for the new CEO or some other big wig that has just started. I basically grabbed it because I hate just standing around with nothing to do.

The best thing about it was I had the small piece and that was it. No cravings for more, more, more.

I am going to remain on guard, I have to. but I think this week has done me wonders.

Update on Lily,

It is with great sorrow that I have to advice that the great Lily is to be now known as the late great Lily. It seems that to repair her back to her former glory it would cost around $7000.00.

To replace her it will cost around $5000.00

I am guessing the insurance company is going to go for the replacement instead of repair. They always tend to go for the cheaper option.

I am still waiting to hear their final word on it - that could take another week or so.

I went back to Antonio Kim were Lily was made and have borrowed another cello until the insurance comes in. Once payment does come through, The borrowed cello will be mine and I will just pay for it (it is a very nice cello and I made sure this new one looked very different to Lily - i.e. colouring) I don't want to think of the new one as mine yet until it is all finalised. If the insurance company decide that they do to repair, I will be able to return this one when she is all better.

Thanks to all for your kind words. I know I was quite emotional when it first happened.

You know what sucks the most about this (besides Lily being damaged) is that I was going to join a gym this fortnight, but I had to buy a new cello case to take the new one home (my old one was broken and I was going to replace it within the next few weeks when I get my tax refund back) So there was $550.00 dollars gone in a flash. Now I will need to join the gym with my tax refund instead :(

I didn't really want to wait anymore, because I am ready know. But besides the gym fees, I really need a pair of shoes at the very least to get started. I can get by with the work out clothes I already have - they are actually a bit too big for me ;) but for shoes I have just been wearing my work shoes (sort of similar to Doc Martins) and while they are okay for walking, but I don't think they are suitable for the gym.

Even as I type this it sounds like I am making excuses for myself. So no more whining and no more rambling. I am off to read all your blogs.


  1. Sorry about Lily, any idea what you'll call the new one?

  2. Yay for 1 week of no sugar! Good Job! Sorry to hear about Lily though *hugs*

  3. Oh such a sad loss BUT yes - go to the gym. And you're a week sober - that is so GREAT!