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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Re-Start on Challenge

Well, after the false start on Friday, (no I won't count the tipsy walk from the bar to the station) I have done a walk on both Saturday (30 minutes) and Sunday (45 minutes). Saturday was a walk before lunch down at Redcliffe and today it was after lunch. I met up with the Brisbane Bandsters at Milton again today and after that I took a walk down to the river and walk half way up Coronation Dr then back to were I had parked the car. It wasn't too bad, save for all the traffic noise.

I am only going to count workouts, not miles, because with my walks I don't think I would even come close to enough miles. I know I won't win or even come close to winning the workouts either, but that is okay. My aim is to get one official workout of at least twenty minutes a day - whether it be a walk or a workout.

I am trying to do up a table that will have each day and what I do, but I can't seem to find out how to add it to a post. I will keep searching and trying:)

***Update - have worked out how to add a table and have now gone table crazy in my pages:)***

Cheers to everyone, hope you are having a great week-end and the work week treats you well.


  1. Seems like your doing a great job so far. Good for you!!