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Monday, August 23, 2010


Just a quick visit to share a secret, I've stalled in my weight loss. I haven't recorded my weight since the end on the Summer challenge, because it hasn't changed.

It goes up and down about 300grams.

I have been dealing with TOM this past week, but the non-loss has been going on for over two weeks. It is starting to get a little hard to handle. I am going to watch what I'm eating and my portions, as that is the only thing that I can think it may be.

And then I think. well I have lost 30 odd % of my excess weight, so I am doing well. But I want to do better.

I can't even blame excess exercise, I am still only doing the walks. Hopefully if I can up that I will jump start the weight loss again.


  1. Dont worry im in the same boat... no real losses for a long time and i dont even like stepping on the scale at the moment :(

    I know its because im eating more and what im putting in my mouth but still it super sucks... hang in there we can do it!

  2. A few days ago I blogged about hitting a plateau you should check it out. I was stuck for awhile but tried those tips I mentioned and I'm starting to lose again.