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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Body Pump Tonight

Thanks for your kind words.

I know I am doing very well at the moment pretty good, but what I haven't mentioned is the junk food I have been eating lately, those little snacks here and there, that are basically just empty calories.

A chocolate bar here, an ice cream there. Or a flavoured milk. You know those sliders that the band doesn't stop us for too long :)

It has been these little cheats along the way that I have been hiding not only from you, but from myself. And the quote on Jack's blog, just brought it home to me. I am only cheating myself and I don't want to do that anymore. So if I am going to eat the stuff I know I isn't helping me, I am at least going to be honest enough to write them down too!!

A smidge away from 30 kilos down and I am finally getting serious about myself. Hence the body attack class last night and the body pump class tonight.

I love the group classes at the gym. I get such a better workout than if I was doing the exercises myself. I tend to be fine with the cardio on my own. it is a great time to think and enjoy the music, but the strength is so much easier when I have someone telling what to do. and the cardio classes do push me that extra mile :)

So today's accountability:
Exercise: 1 hour Body Pump Class
Food: B: nuts, skinny cap; L - grilled pumpkin salad with small bit of spaghetti bolognaise; D - chicken drumstick and vege, S - banana and a magnum ice cream = Total Calories: 1185
Water: still not enough
Cello: 1/2 hour practice


  1. Looks really good, the idea of body pump scares me! It just sounds so brutal!

  2. I have never had grilled pumpkin Sam. M
    how do you do that? I would to try it

  3. This post makes me want to blurt this out: Tuesday night I bought a pecan log and ate it!!! eeeeps. I did. It was 270 empty, non-nutritious, calories and lots and lots of sugar.

    It's funny how we lie to ourselves isn't it? I was almost convinced that it never happened... truly. LOL

  4. Hey Dee, it was a salad already made, it looked like they took sliced pumpkin that was cooked, and just char-grilled it. It was very nice, I am kind of addicted to it :P

  5. Sam,
    Just found your blog and decided to follow it. :-) Looking forward to reading more.

    I see that you have a blog about the cello too? May also check that one out. My 13 yo plays as well!

  6. Oh I know the evil snacking way to good. Snacking is my weekness and I to need to be honest with myself.