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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's back....

Yeah!!!! It appears I have Internet again!!!

It is going to take me forever to catch up on what everyone has been up to and I missed the Thousand Word Thursday and BYOC from last week, so I may do those together later if I get a chance :)

I just got back from the gym. Thanks to everyone for your comments, the gym certainly has helped get me kick started again. I am enjoying it and today I spent a whole 10 minutes on the cross trainer and didn't die of exhaustion. I covered the display with my towel and just kept going for a few songs. When I checked I had done the ten minutes I was aiming for. It is amazing how different it felt to last time when I was looking at the time. It was like every second was a whole minute long. So I think I have discovered a way to get me through it:)

I have been thinking (dangerous, I know) and as 22nd September will not only be my birthday, but also my 6 month bandiversary and I am really close to the 30 kilos down mark, I am going to aim to be there by my birthday. I am not going to get down if I don't make it, but I think it will be good for me to have something like this to aim for. I think it is achievable, but I will definately have to work for it.
I am off to work and then to spend as much time tonight as i can, catching up. Have a great day:)


  1. Good luck on your birthday goal.

  2. Holy Moly- 30 kgs in 6 months is amazing! Well done!

  3. Good luck on your 30 kilo goal - that is awesome!

  4. Good Luck on your goal! You can do it!