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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Self Accountability

I am doing well, but I could do better. I was reading random posts @ Jack Sh*t's and came across the following quote (can't remember which post though):

"I haven’t necessarily fallen off the wagon, but I seem to be dragging my feet off the side lately"

And I thought this is me at the moment, has been for a while now. I am still doing well and keeping most things on track, but I am dragging my feet off the side.

To help with this, or at least I hope it will help; I am going to try a bit of self accountability and post my daily exercise, food, water and cello practice - the last is because I need to keep the balance of the cello in my life as it really does bring me a lot of joy (when I play).

So for the first day, here it is:

Exercise: 1 hour Body Attack Class
Food: B 1/2 filling from ham cheese tomato s/w; skinny cap, L - grilled pumpkin salad with chicken D - spaghetti bolognaise, S - nuts and a few girl guide cookies = Total Calories: 973
Water: not enough
Cello: No practice :(


  1. Sam, please don't be too hard on yourself. From seeing your Chica performance and other things you have posted, I read this post and thought - dang, she thinks she's got her legs dragging off the side of the wagon??? You are doing really well. And it's a journey, being 100% on all the time - no matter how much we want to be (I'm guilty as well at times!) - is just not realistic. Keep up the great work!

  2. There you go! I fully plan on posting my daily food, water and exercise intake as soon as I get cleared for mushies. For now, it'd be quite boring - protein shake, protein shake,

  3. I find that writing down what you eat helps alot. Your doing a wonderful job!