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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So far I am loving the restriction I have been feeling since my fill last Thursday.

I may have said good-bye to bread, I'm not 100% sure, we will have to wait and see. All I know is that since the fill I have been eating really small amounts and it has been keeping me full for longer.

Sunday I had KFC for dinner. I seriously only had 2 of the wicked wings and three small pieces of popcorn chicken and was full, I ate four chips, and than stopped because I didn't need them. I was full.

The only bad thing I have to report is besides the KFC on Sunday night, I also had pizza for dinner on Monday night; two small pieces of Pizza Caper's Lambada. It was very yummy and very filling. Their crusts don't bother me, I can eat them no problem - I just take it slow:)

Dinner was improved greatly last night though - no take out for me. Home cooked chicken leg with peas and corn on the side. Again, I was so surprised at how little I was able to eat. Only about three quarters of the meat of the leg and less than a quarter cup of the veges.

I thought I was at a good level before this fill and would just need a tweak. I don't know, I just pray that my restriction as it is at the moment stays:)

On the gym front: I have a very big and deep blister :( and it hurts :(

It happened on Monday when I did an aerobics class, I had a rest from the gym yesterday, but did go back today after work. I was still able to do 10 minutes on the rower and on the bike, but only managed 10 minutes (not 20) on the treadmill. The heel was just got too sore I could barely walk on it. I have a special blister bandaid on it and when I am not wearing shoes it is fine, but I think the shoe just puts pressure on it in just a way that it kills.

It is not going to stop me though, I will return to the gym tomorrow:)

Now I am off to read all in bandland!! Have a great night.


  1. Good for you Sam.. it is best to ease your way into the restriction. Ouch with your blister! take care of that.. If I overdue it I get a bum knee.. so I know that feeling.. you are doing wonderful.

  2. Yea restriction! I hope your blister heals soon.

  3. Yay restriction! So happy for you!