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Friday, September 10, 2010


Had no Internet access at home yesterday; so I am behind on all my blog reading. :(
Didn’t realise just how much I relied on my nightly fill of blogging updates until I did not have access.

I am hoping it will be back up and running by tonight, it still wasn’t working this morning, so I have to wonder how long it may last. I rang Telstra to see what was wrong. They were very polite when telling me there was nothing they could do. There is a problem in my area and they are working on it. Just keep checking the Internet light on your modem. So helpful :P

Thanks to Miss Vickie and Pie for your kind words of encouragement after my last post. I know it was only one day (two if I count yesterday, but more on that in a sec), it was just frustrating that I was doing it. I was basically just blindly eating and not thinking about it.

Now on yesterday; it wasn’t much better.

At work we had a spontaneous farewell morning tea for one of the guys that is going on a long overseas holiday. It was basically just an excuse to have a little food party at work. It has been a bit tedious here lately and we just needed a pick-me-up party.

So yesterday’s food consisted of cheese, fruit, dips and crackers and I also had a small bit of cake and two choc bikkies.

I am happy that I had a lot more fruit and cheese than I did the dip, cake and choc, but I did eat too much. We were all grazing all day and that type of eating that the band isn’t really able to help with (although I did eat a lot less than what I used to eat, so that is something).

And I didn't get to the gym, but I did go for a walk instead. Still a workout, but I find I do not work as had on an outside walk as I do at the gym. It has something to do with seeing all the fit people around me. They are intimidating, but also motivating because I want to be just like them.

I am doing this post at work, so I best sign off before they catch me:) Hope to catch up more tonight. Have a great day.


  1. Hope your internet get up and running soon. That's so frustrating.
    I understand about not wanting to go to the gym, it can be intimidating, but it forces you to not wimp out.

  2. No internet sucks. Slip ups happen to everybody. The key is to regroup and forge ahead with a better plan. I really need to start exercise.

  3. Sometimes just getting up and moving is half the battle. You will get there. The more I lose the more comfortable I feel at the gym. It will happen, just be patient with yourself.

  4. Isn't it funny how we rely on the internet so much.

  5. Hmm..can't remember if I told you or not. I gave you an award! Check my blog a few posts down.

  6. I hate being without internet!! You forget how much you rely on things until they are gone.