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Monday, October 4, 2010

Accountability and other stuff

I am sort in holiday mode this week.

Tori :-)

My niece Tori and her friend are up for the week and I will not get a real chance to get to the gym. Plus we are also going to the theme parks this week and will be spending a few days down at the Gold Coast to save on the long drives there and back.

The good news is I will be very active, the bad news is I will probably not be the most healthiest eating this week. Two sixteen year olds are not known for there healthy choices, but I will do my best to try to stay on track.

Hope everyone is doing well.


  1. The important thing is to have fun. if you are not able to enjoy your life, what is the point of having the surgery then? Try to make good choices when the opportunity presents itself, otherwise enjoy yourself and don't beat yourself up over it either!

  2. Have fun! BTW congrats on the weight loss!!

  3. Have fun! And I know you can do it!