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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Dinner Party

I was wearing these new pants that I recently bought, and paired it with this red top I have had for ages. And because I liked how I felt in the outfit I so I took the following photos.

I love this top. I always feel my version on skinny in it. And I have to admit that this outfit was the best I have felt in clothes for the longest time. This was on Sunday and I was going to a friends for a dinner party.

It was a great night and because she knew about the band she even gave me a doggy bag to take home. It was weird, because it was actually the first sit down dinner with friends since I have been banded. Usually dinner out has always been at a bar or a take away shop. Just something on our way out for the night and it really is amazing how easy it is to hide what you are not eating from friends and people who don't know about the band. Sunday night was different.

It was all a sit down and everyone served at the same time thing. My plate was served up the same as everyone else's, but when we were all finished with each course, my plate went back with more and more food on it.

She is doing a Margaret Fulton Challenge, based on the movie Julie and Julia, she is using one of Margaret Fulton's cookbooks and every two weeks she will be having a dinner party. Three courses of the recipes for 26 dinners. The last one will be on Margaret Fulton's birthday and will be the groups favourite dishes from the previous year of cooking.

I have put my name down for most of the dinners, with the exception of the oyster night (yucky). The only reason I did agree to it (besides the fact that I really enjoy getting out of the house and meeting up with some friends) is because she knows about the band and knew that I wouldn't be able to eat everything on my plate. I did get a few weird looks from some of the others at the party, a mix of work mates and other friends that she knows and there were only two people there that knew I have been banded.

Basically I ate really slowing and didn't eat a lot of anything.

The first course was a potato and leek soup, so that went down alright and was delicious. Than the main course was an individual beef wellington, I have never had a piece of beef that was soooooo tender. I had no problem with it, but even so I still only had a tiny portion of it (the left overs were just as tender the next night for dinner and did both me and my mum who had the left over soup with it). And then the dessert was a simple strawberry snow. A very light and fluffy strawberry whiped thing :) I couldn't eat a lot of it but it was yummy.

All in all I did eat a bit too much, but it was over a longer period of time than what I would normally eat.

But it was a great night and I have been extra good ever since. Hope you are all doing well. I have been reading, just have not had the time to comment as much as I would like.


  1. You look great, I have the same top! And glad you had fun!

  2. You look pretty!! That sounds like a fun idea (the dinner parties). Just eat what you can, don't worry about funny looks from others. They will see you shrink over the year and understand!

  3. That top looks great on you!

    And I think it's great that you signed up for the dinner parties - we are all going to end up in situations where we are eating in front of people who don't know. It would be no fun to miss out on things that like because of the band, too...

  4. Cute outfit and that is awesome about your friend having the dinner parties. (And awesome that she understands about your band!)

    My favorite thing is when I go out and order something small, the waiters look at me like "is that all" or if I have not ate much they're like "is it ok?" I think they're used to bigger girls ordering a ton.

  5. That sounds really yummy and like a really good time!

  6. I LOVE the top - the colour really suits you. :)

  7. Love the top! You look amazing!