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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Picture Post from the Week

Well I am back from the Gold Coast :-)

Had a great time with the girls. And believe it or not; I have managed to not gain any weight while away!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can barely believe it, but I jumped on the scale when we got home this afternoon and it was the same as what it was on Sunday, I checked again this morning as the nightly scale test can differ so much from the morning one and the number stuck - Plus I just started TTOM so I am so amazed (i have included the accountability progress at the bottom of today's post)

So here are a few photo's from the last few days (don't have any yet from today as the battery in the camera died and I forgot the charger, so I used my phone today and have to work out how to get them off the phone)

First Up: Me & the girls with Bugs and Tweety

Self Portrait of me & Mum (I need to practice this)

The Girls

What poses they are :-)
Kim already has the Amy W Point down pat ;)
Getting them both to do the Amy W Point

Just hanging with Batman
Besties Forever

And the ones they don't want shared :P

Lovely :P
Still have today and tomorrow with the lovely girls so I will be able to catch up with everyone soon.

As promised here is my accountability for the last five days :-)
D - KFC: Popcorn chicken and a few of the chips
Exercise - Body Step Class in the morning
Cello - none

B - Inside from a Bacon & Egg McMuffin
L - Sushi (yummy kind)
D - Chicken and vege
S - Skinny Cappuccino
Exercise - None
Cello - 1/2 hour practice and then weekly lesson

B - Eggs
L - Sushi Roll (yucky one)
D - Mac Snack Wrap
S - Chocolates
Exercise - PT session
Cello - none

B - yogurt and banana
L - tuna / egg salad on crackers
D - Slice of Pizza Capers pizza & 2 mouthfuls of mushroom and chicken pasta
S - Chips, cookies and a few nuts
Exercise - Lots of walking around WB Movie World
Cello - none

B - Egg, bacon, sm sausage, tomato little bit of toast with lemon butter
L - Inside of a Margarita Calzone (only a little bit of the pizza base)
D - Left over piece of last night's pizza
S - Ice Cream Sundae
Exercise - Lots of walking from shopping allllll day :-)
Cello - none

B - Egg, bacon, sm sausage, tomato little bit of toast with lemon butter
L - 1 prawn, 1 calamari piece and a few chips
D - Meat Pie from the Famous Yatala Pies (Yummy)
Exercise - Bit of walking around Sea World (very wet and stormy so didn't do as much as the last two days)
Cello - none


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful week. I love all the worlds down the Gold Coast, we go almost once a month. My boys love it.

  2. It looks like you had tons of fun! Great for you for not gaining weight while away, that's fantastic.

  3. Looks like ya'll had a wonderful time. And thats great that you didn't gain weight!

  4. Looks like you had an top week. Defo have to get to dreamworld one of these days. Well done on not gaining. V.

  5. Isn't it great having fun, but not gaining weight? Love the pics.