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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Water Water Everywhere

What can I say, it rained all Friday, Saturday, Sunday and most of Monday. Flooding has occurred all over Brisbane and there is even rumours going around that if it starts back up again we could even see flooding similar to that of the 1974 Brisbane Floods (see pics)

Brisbane Floods of 1974
A boat that escaped the dry dock it was in before the flood
Thankfully the rain seems to have ended for now as Tuesday and today has been mostly dry. Here are some pics from Monday of an area near me.

You are supposed to be able to drive under the train bridge

There is a road there, I promise :)
Fun times. But not for Blondie:-(

She wants you to throw the ball.
Please!!!!!!!!!!! Throw the ball
She really is missing being able to run around outside. To make matters worse, she had an accident last week at the beach. It ended up with her having surgery because she ran into a stick. This means that even if it was dry enough, she still wouldn't be able to run around. So it is probably a good thing the rain is about.

There really is a silver lining in everything if you look hard enough.

She was lucky she  was at the beach and was playing in the salt water as that initial cleansing helped a lot. She was with the woman who was looking after her when we went to the Gold Coast and she took really good care of Blondie. We didn't even know about it until we got home on Friday. And that was the best thing about it, because I love her dearly, but if we had known, we would not have gone and the rest of the week with Tori would not have been as fun and care free. Plus to be perfectly honest, Blondie is much better behaved for others than she is for me :-P

She is fine and healing well, she did have a drain in her side for a few days and she chewed on that a bit, but that was taken out on Saturday morning and since then she has been fine. She gets the stitches on Friday morning. I am probably one of the few people that doesn't have a problem with her dog and stitches. She has not got near them at all.

The first time she had stitches was when she was de-sexed, she licked and chewed on them and ended up pulling one or two of the stitches out, I think she hurt herself and has remembered ever since. Since then she stays right away from them. I will be just as happy as her when she is given a clean bill of health and is able to go running again.

Me, well I am doing okay, my food has deteriorated a bit this week, due mostly to the lack of structure last week and being tired. I have an appointment with my surgeon tomorrow and I don't think I will be getting another fill. My restriction has been really good, and as long as I stay away from the crap food I would be doing even better than I already am.

Thanks for reading. I have been a bit everywhere today, so now I am going to read some blogs, that always gets me on track :-)


  1. OUr dogs are in the wars... HArry cant put his left paw down :( went to the vet today and he is on anti inflammatories but they think he might have a broken knuckle :( bye bye money ahha