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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Yummy Cake from Hell....

Rhiannon's Cake
Look at this chocolate cake that one of the girl's at work made and brought in.

It's rich, layered and, yes; those are Lindt balls on top :-)

I only had a small piece, who could resist. And it was delicious. It didn't sit too well though. I only ate about half my lunch and last night I only ate dinner because I had just gone to the gym and knew I needed the protein and I did feel better when I had eaten.

The one good thing is now I know I can still enjoy these chocolaty indulgences, but only in small portions.

From Yesterday:
Exercise: 40 minutes cardio
Food: B - banana, skinny cap; L - grilled pumpkin salad D - chicken drumstick and vege, S - nuts and chocolate cake = Total Calories: 1270
Water: still not enough - but better than usual
Cello: practice


  1. OMG that cake... i totally would have had a big piece ahahahah but its chocolate so my resistance is pathetic!

    Your doing fab Sam... keep up the great work!

  2. Great job on sticking with a small piece. That cake looks soooooo worth the calories!

  3. Yum.. that looks so good. but honestly Sam you would have to tie my ass to the treadmill for a week after a slice of that cake.. Nice job on the cardio..keep up the good work

  4. OMG that is food porn if ever I've seen it. You're so good to only have a small bit. Well done on the cardio! V.

  5. Love the title lol
    That cake looks extremely good!!!

  6. Holy crap that cake looks good. I don't even really like gooey looking cakes (I know, I am a weirdo)...but I would have a hard time resisting that, for sure. Good for you!

  7. amazing cake. i love lindt balls! good for you for having the ability to moderated. yay bands!

  8. omg I so want chocolate cake now..

  9. Lordy bigordy that looks amazing!