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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another Dinner Party

Went to another dinner party last night from my friend's Margaret Fulton Challenge.

It was Prawn Night :)

Entree was an eggplant dip, the main was a mixture of serves of a prawn souffle, prawns wrapped in prosciutto and prawns in Chinese spices served with a fennel and citrus salad. And then for dessert there was an apple tea cake with some really good vanilla gelato (the only thing that wasn't home made).

It was all delicious.

The only thing I had a problem with was the tea cake. It was so yummy, but it didn't want to go down, so I PB'd it. That was a fun experience. My first PB in the company of friends (some of which do not know about the band)

Thankfully no one noticed, I just excused my self to the bathroom and as quietly as possible brought it back up. Thankfully it wasn't too bad as the piece I had was very small. Fun times with the band :)

Then I stepped on the scales this morning and although I am happy to report a loss, it is not as good as I would like to have seen. But it is a loss, so I am good with that.

I have even kept track of my weekly goals:-

Yes; the Cello has not left it's case this week. I think I need a break from it. I just don't seem to be able to fit it in with the gym. So I am thinking if I lay off it for just a little while I will be able to get the exercise under control and then be able to fit the two in together better.

Now all I have to do is get up the guts to tell this to my cello teacher.

Well that is all I have to report tonight. I hope everyone had a terrific first week in the challenge.

P.S. welcome to all my new followers, there are a few of you that I can't find links to, so I can't follow you too. Please leave a link to your blog as I love following my followers :o)


  1. Hi Sam,
    Sounds like the dinner party was yummy. It is hard to get cake and pastries ect down :(
    Hope you have a good week :)

  2. Great job on your loss and meeting most of your goals!

  3. What a yummy dinner party! Yay for secret PB's and kickin' the week's butt!

  4. Glad you could enjoy the dinner party with only a small pb.

  5. ditto on the great job on losing! and remember a loss is a loss!