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Sunday, November 21, 2010

I wonder what would happen......

if the loss I had this week was standard for all the good work I have been doing with my food choices and exercise achievements?

If you check my ticket today you will see it is under the 120kg mark.

I am a little nervous, I had a really good loss this week and in the past that has usually followed up with a gain. It doesn't help that to celebrate, I broke my chocolate ban and had a chunky Kit-Kat today.

That is something that I need to get over, rewarding myself with food (especially chocolate).

So here are the weekly facts:
Yes I slacked off a little on the water and as you can see from my calorie intake I was a little over this week, but that was mostly due to the train trip.

But enough about that, today I had the best NSV ever :o)

There is a garden place we go to quite often (my mum way more often than I do as she is allot more into gardening than I am). The Plant Shack is a great local nursery with staff that know what they are talking about. Today, I was there and the owner was saying hi to us and commented on how great I was looking and how I had lost a lot of weight and at first he thought I was a new customer as I looked so different from the last time I was there a few months ago.

Firstly, how great is that the staff remember there customers like that.

Secondly, how great is it that a virtual stranger has given me such a great complement :o)

It certainly made my day.

Another random thought about something that happened the other day in Cairns the day after the long trip:

I had finished my breakfast of poached eggs on toast where I only ate half the eggs and half a slice of toast - minus the crust.

After going for a brisk walk in the humid air I was having a coffee and there was a skinny woman sitting near me having her breakfast and with out realising it I was watching how she ate. It really is similar to us banded gals when we have a good level of restriction. We put together a small forkful of food, cutting off the rind off the bacon and making sure we have a great balance of taste and then enjoy the mouthful before constructing the next forkful of food. Then stop eating when we have had enough. That is what she did and what I had done earlier in the day with my breakfast.

I had a quite moment were I realised I could do this. I am not all the way there yet, this was only one breakfast after all. But it is probably the first time I have really noticed the difference in how a naturally skinny person eats compared to how I used to eat. Just shovelling in food until the plate is empty is very different to how we do these days.

Now I am off to read and comment on more of your great blogs, I am so behind after the two days on the train.


  1. Great NSV, really pleased for you. Well done on your loss this week!

  2. Great realization on the way skinny people eat - I need to eat with more skinny people so I can see this :)