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Thursday, November 4, 2010


I have to say that I am really looking forward to the upcoming challenge.

I need it. It seems like I am off track again at the moment and I only have myself to blame. This past week I have had Halloween candy and chocolate as well as Melbourne Cup Day. And there is also the little fact that I have a bit of an injury that is making exercise a little uncomfortable.

I have pulled a muscle in my right calf. I first did it a few weeks ago and after a night of rest it would be fine. i stayed away from my step classes and mostly it was all good. I thought I was over it, but I wasn't.

On Tuesday's I have a PT session with work mates and this week we were running (see walking jog) up and down hills, dips, step ups and push ups and they were all fine. then we were doing some step work. We were at a local outdoor amphitheatre and at first we were going up and down the seated area, nice big steps that you really had to work at to get you up and down them.

Then the trouble started. It was time to do a run up and down the stairs of the amphitheatre and not even half way up I felt a sharp pain in my calf and I was out of the stair running business. I should have listened to leg earlier. When we were going up and down the hill I felt a niggle, but I ignored it; thinking it would go away.
Not My Calf - I wish it was :o)
I was still able to walk, it only hurt whenever I used stairs. I really do not understand it.

Lots of Deep Heat, lots of stretches and not a lot of exercise has been my mode of recovery. I hope it is the right course. It does feel better now, but I am a little scared that it will flare back up if I do anything that involves calf work.

I think I am going to have to see a therapist to ensure I fix this properly and so that it doesn't come back, because I do not want injuries to be plaguing me on my way to goal.


  1. Yes, I would see a therapist - you do not want to further injure it - maybe you need more support in your shoes.


  2. I hope you feel better! There is nothing more frustrating than having a nice workout system down, and people encouraging you, to have to put it aside because of an injury. I agree, you should definitely see a therapist on it! Best of luck, hope you feel better!