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Monday, November 22, 2010

Paris Dreams

What a day.

I went to work happy that I had had a great time in Cairns on the companies dime and left with two tickets to Paris for October next year!!

One of my friends received a notice on a great sale that Air Asia was having and I was able to get flights to Paris for $900.00 return. That is really cheap. I checked and the cheapest you can usually get them from Brisbane is around $1800.00, so basically I got them for half price.

I have never been outside of Australia.

I don't even have a passport yet.

But I have return tickets to Paris via Kuala Lumpur.

For four weeks.

I think I can see a lot of France and England in that time.

Now I have two very important things to do.

1. Save lots of money so that I can have a great time over there.
2. Lose lots more weight so that I look extra good while in Paris. I will have to work on a goal for this trip of a lifetime.

I think I will include a French/English thing in my weekly goals, something that I want to do while over there. Here is one for last week:
Concorde Fountain
I want to get a photo of me in front on the Concorde Fountain. I think that would be pretty cool.

Okay, enough dreaming, it is still 11 months away, so I better not get too excited right now!!


  1. What a great goal to work towards. That ticket price is a screaming deal....good job!

  2. How fantastic! I love Paris, I'm in England, if I can help with any information I'm more than happy to.

  3. WOW, I'm totally jealous! Good for you. Go apply for that passport now because they can sometimes take several months to come back!

  4. What a great thing to look forward to.......If you can/I would suggest you take 2 to 3 days in KL also ... I lived in KL for 3 years and it is fantastic also.... different to Europe but very exciting......

  5. That's amazing!!! I am planning a weekend trip to Paris for January and can't wait :)

  6. How exciting! And, what great motivation!

  7. so exciting! love travelling. you've never been out of australia but most of us have never been inside australia! one of these days :) Love London... lived there for a year and a half

  8. Wow Sam - how wonderful - Paris - you must be so excited.

    Most exotic place I have ever been is Bush Gardens in Florida :)

  9. How exciting! Paris is just beautiful. Make sure you head down to the Riviera and check out Nice & Monaco! Lucky duck!

    Em :)

  10. I'm taking all you comments on board and adding them to my to do list :)
    Thanks everyone!!

  11. Okay, new follower here. But I love France! I actually haven't been to Paris, but I studied in Aix-en-Provence back in university (it's in the south of France near Marseille) and travelled all around the Riviera, and you definitely need to spend a day in Nice! It's beautiful!

  12. Well, I am looking forward to seeing that picture, and imagine just how terrific you are going to look as you take it!!
    Keep up the great work.