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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Slacking Off

I really have had a terrible week. The only one of my goals that I have achieved this week is my water intake. So there are no great surprises that I have only lost 0.2kg this week. I think the water and the that last chance workout that I did on Saturday morning really helped!
I have been snacking too much. But I am not dwelling on that. I will pull my socks up and get back on the road to being a good bandster   :-) I know I keep saying this to myself, it has to stick soon.

I had another get together with the local bandsters today after work. I think next year we will be looking for a new place to meet, the cafe we go to has just had a change in ownership and the new people are no where near as good as the last lot. they got rid of all the old staff and now just have backpackers who barely speak English. The problem is the group wants to find another place that will block off an area for us, but I think a cafe that will just have an area for ten to twenty people all together will do just as well.
Cafe sitting is another thing I plan to do in France
It's not like we need to hide away from the rest of the world. To any onlookers we are just a group of friends getting together for coffee and lunch. We don't even openly discuss the band all the time. It's more like 'how are you going?' and 'what you been up to?' get together.

The cafe we have been going to used to be very understanding about special meal requests or the continual request for left overs to be packed up in a doggy bag. But today they told us that they only accept orders that are as per the menu. They only changed their mind about it when three of the women gave them the menu back and told them they would go hungry! The manager came over then and sorted it out, the women got to order their meals different to what the menu had. But I think it really was the last straw for a few of them. The group has been going to this cafe for over three years, and all of a sudden its a huge hassle.

We will see how it goes. I hope we can move it else where. The meals are huge and I never remember to ask for a half serve or anything like that, so I usually waste heaps of food. I don't bother with the left overs as I have about an hours drive back home and I don't like to tempt food poisoning with food that isn't stored properly.

So another week is about to begin and I have lots of exciting research to do for my French trip. Hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a wonderful one. I know you all have so much that you are thankful for and your posts are great to read.


  1. You can do it Sam. You CAN pull back on the snacking - its all in the mindset. Hope you have a good week this week - see if we can cut the snacking together lol.

  2. Absolutely what Cara said. You know what to it! We are all here for you girl! Its great that you have that support group.