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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Two days on a Train

I have just got back from a trip up to Cairns
1691 kilometers (1051 miles)/ 31 hours travelling

I was escorting a great bunch of Travel Agents from the UK on the train up to Cairns. Basically I was paid to travel in pretty good comfort and they even paid for me to have a few drinks, then put me up in a hotel for the night in Cairns and then fly home.

Even though I work for the company, and I am not trying to sell you anything I promise :o) but I have to rave about the food. It is very yummy, the only problem is the portions are no where near band friendly. This is what was on the menu (I have copied this from the website as I couldn't remember everything that was on the plate)

Dinner on Thursday night:
Starter - Minestrone Soup
Minestrone soup made with roasted tomatoes, fresh vegetables and gluten free spaghetti

Main - Steamed SnapperOcean caught snapper steamed and infused with diced tomato, fennel and white wine garnished with asparagus spears, served on saffron spinach risotto
Dessert - none - couldn't do it

Breakfast on Friday:
Apple juice
A selection of seasonal fresh fruit
Eggs: poached
Accompaniments: Chipolata, tomato and mushrooms

Lunch on Friday:
Main - Grilled Local Prawns
Succulent Queensland prawns grilled, served on rice noodles and chilled Asian greens, drizzled with a chilli, ginger and mango salsa

Dessert - Lime & Vanilla Bean Custard Pie
Lime and vanilla bean custard pie, served with raspberry ripple ice cream, white chocolate shavings and blue berry syrup

Supper on Friday:
Gourmet Land Lovers Platter
A selection of hand chosen cold meats including; ham off the bone, crisp shaved proscuitto, chicken roulade, smoked salami, aged Kenilworth cheddar, matured goats cheese, served with antipasto delicacies and fresh baked bread

It was all as yummy as it sounds.

I didn't get through more than half of any dish and didn't even except any of the warm bread that was offered to go with all of these.

The hardest thing was trying to disguise the fact that I was baring eating to a bunch of people I was supposed to be talking the train product up to :o) I found an interesting way of getting around it though ;P

There were nine in the group of agents and so I managed to sit with a different mix of them for most of the meals. I could pass it off as being full from the last meal a little bit easier. It also helped that by lunch on Friday they were all leaving some food on there plate. As for the bread I just said it didn't agree with me and so that was fine as there was one lady who also had this same problem with bread. See there are so many food problems out there that it can be fairly easy to make excuses for some of the stuff we can't eat.

After 31 hours on the train I was tired, isn't it funny how doing nothing much still makes you tired. But when I got to the hotel I actually went to the hotel gym and did a workout. I know; crazy isn't it. And to treat myself after that I went for a swim in the hotel pool. It was nine o'clock at night and I had this huge pool to myself. I did sleep very well after all that.

So after all this I am hoping I have done enough to have a loss on the scale tomorrow morning, but at the moment I have no idea and the time away has meant I have not had a chance to check on it the last few days. I guess I will just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.

Hope you are all having a great week-end.


  1. I think I love your job! Sounds fantastic.

  2. I was thinking that as well, sounds like you have a fun, wonderful job!

  3. Sounds like a blast! I eat with colleagues and others often, and I find that 9 times out of 10, nobody notices how little I ate ;).

  4. I spent a lot of time in Cairns and Brisbane when my dad worked in Indonesia. I went to school at the Koralbyn International School for a while in Beaudesert. Cairns is where we flew in and out of most of the time and did all of our shopping. Such a beautiful area. I do have one memory of Cairns that is different (for me anyway as an American) It was Christmas-time and I was spending the day in Cairns waiting to get a plane to see my parents. I was 15. I was in this open air mall and it was hot (like over 32C). There were snowflake decorations hanging from the ceiling and Frosty the snowman song in the background! It just seemed so "wrong!" Anyway, thanks for letting me share my story! I eat with others also, and truly I don't think that anyone really cares what the other is eating enough to notice.