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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Farewell to 2010

As 2010 comes to an end, I think back over the year and wonder at all the changes I have made in in life this year.

This time last year I was wishing it would be nice if I could get a Lapband, but didn't think it would be possible so resolved to not make any New Year Resolutions, because all I ever wished for was to drop the unwanted kilos and to keep them off. I had no idea that three months later I would be banded and on the way to a new me :o)

This last year has brought many changes to my life. I have lost more than thirty kilos that I never intend to find again. I am exercising regularly. I am eating a heck of a lot healthier then ever before. I can even enjoy a treat and not go over board. I have even been able to enjoy dinner parties with friends and not because of the great food, but because of the great company.

There are a lot of bloggers out there that have posted about a word of the year. I have been thinking about it a lot and I am trying to think of one for myself; I think I am going to go with:

In myself, in reaching for the stars,
in love and in change!

How's that one. It is probably the biggest thing that is missing from my journey. Belief in myself, that I can do this. That I can succeed.

So here is to 'Believe', a New Year of lots of fun new adventures.

I believe I will get to the elusive double digits.
I believe I will complete the c25k program.
I believe I will continue to eat healthy and exercise regularly.
I believe I will have a fantastic time in France.

I hope everyone has a great New Year's Eve, and don't party too hard ladies and gentlemen!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Wet Week Off

Christmas is done and the Sale Season is upon us. I did go the stores on the usual Boxing Day madness, not to go hunting, but just to check out the madness. I do love people watching.

Having said that I did pick up some nice Christmas decorations :o)
Candle Goblets from "Dusk"
You can't see it very well in the photo, but they have snowflake designs cut out on the side and when the candles are burning, they throw up little shadows. The cups inside are purple, so they go with the rest of our Christmas decorations.

As the title of this post says, I have this week off. And can I say, what a 'lovely' week it looks to be. There is so much rain around, I have given up being able to get some sun on my legs and am just hoping to actually see the sun for a bit :o)

I am hoping the rain will hold back a little so that I can get down to Seaworld. I have been wanting to get there for a while since we were stormed out the last time I went.

But I am not complaining... okay, not too much, I do have a week off work and that is nothing to be complaining about. I am using the time to get back into my gym routine. I did a Pump Class and then 25 minutes on the treadmill this morning. Felt so good. the last week or two I have really slacked off, due to work and being tired, so this week will be a good start to get me back in the habit.

Now for another random train of thought. I took this picture on the way to work on Friday and I actually like it, so here it is :o)
Train to work on Friday 24 Dec 2010

I am trying to get into the habit of wearing make-up to work. I have found that I like the dramatic and heavily lined eyes and reddish lips, but I haven't been able to work up to blush yet, and I only do eye shadow every other day. I found this great website 'Makeup Geek' that has a host of tutorials. As I have never worn anything other than lipstick before now. But since I am working towards a thinner me, I figured I may as well try to improve the rest of me as well.

Alright, I have rambled on enough for today, I hope everyone enjoys the last week of 2010. It has been a year of change for many of us!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone has had a great day.

Well I can tell you that the pouch test did work. I felt better from day three, but kept it up for the whole five days. And I have reclaimed control over what I am eating and the habits of my band.

Yesterday we had a Christmas party at work, there were lots of crackers, chips and dips for morning tea (I had none of it - I was still full from my protein shake at breakfast). Then for lunch, there were BBQ Chickens, garden salads, pasta salads, potato salads, sushi, bread rolls & garlic bread and plenty of prawns. I had two prawns, one little piece of sushi, a spoonful of the potato salad and a small bit of chicken.

That was all. I was full.

Then later on there was also desserts: pavlova, cheese cake and mud cake. I had half a slice of the cheese cake just because I could and just because it was yummy :o)

All in all I had a great day and was so happy that I didn't over eat and didn't have any discomfort with the band.

There was a lot of festivities through out the office as well. We all dressed up in our Christmas cheer. There were lucky door prizes (I won a $20.00 gift voucher), Secret Santa gifts, (beautiful candle holder and a hair clip for me). There was no alcohol - because our work has a zero tolerance, but we still had a great time.

And that was in spite of the fact that there is still more flooding in Queensland, so we had to tell more than one person their Christmas was going to be disrupted as the trains could get through to everywhere. Gotta love Aussie Summers, I saw on the news the other day; the east coast is being flooded, while the west coast is being burnt with bush fires and there was snow in the Victoria and the Snowy Mountains for a few days.

We had Christmas lunch over at a friends place today, cherries and cashews for nibblers, turkey, ham with roast potatoes, onions, stuffing and a garden salad. I only had a tiny bit of everything. I was very satisfied and it was all delicious. We then had some very yummy pavlova for dessert. An Aussie Christmas is just not the same with out pavlova!!

Something I have noticed in the last two days, is that I have been eating until I am satisfied, not until I was full. And there in lies where my original problem came from. I was eating until I was full, and so by the time all the food got to my stomach I had eaten too much. Simple rule that I had not realised I was breaking.

It will be interesting to see if I still need that fill on the 20th of January. Thankfully it is still a couple of weeks away, so I can pay close attention to my eating habits to ensure I make an informed decision on it.

Okay, enough ramblings from me :o) I want to thank everyone for their comments on my last few posts.

Have a great Christmas Everyone!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Five Day Pouch Test - Day One

Hello everyone, thanks for your concern, Some have asked what the pouch test is - sorry about that, I have heard about so often I just assumed everyone knew what I was talking about. (And we all know about ASS-U-ME :P)

Basically it is a revisit to the start of our lapband journey. just in a much shorter period of time:
2 days full liquids
1 day soft protein
1 day firm protein
1 day solid protein

Here's a website that started the test :o)

Some people use it to kick start the weight loss again, others do it to check that there is no damage done to the band (i.e. slipped), others (like me) want to give the band a restart when we think it may be a little irritated and swollen in the stomach after an upset stomach.

And the more I think about, the more I am hoping that that is what it is, I did throw up twice on Thursday night (my memory can be very fuzzy when I write this blog sometimes on what actually happens occasionally) I am hoping that my stomach is just a little irritated from that and that it is not something bad!!!

Day one has not been too bad, I had a protein shake this morning and then a coffee mid morning (I only have one most days and the website says not to cut it out completely) Then at at lunch I had some chicken and corn creamed soup and I am having another small bowl of it know.

Water is also being consumed, in big quantities.

So that is it so far, I am still feeling a little tender when I swallow, especially if it is large mouthfuls, so I am keeping the drinks to sips very regularly instead of gulps when I remember.

I better get back to work (my week-end on - such fun) have a great week.

Oops, I almost forgot, I did forget to weigh myself for the challenge this morning so I now have to do that tonight and get it to Kristen tonight :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Well I have discovered that my band reads my blog and likes to contradict me in everything I say!!

Just a few days ago I was eating whatever I wanted and didn't have a problem with anything, yesterday and today that I have had major problems.

I eat just a little bit and it hurts, I can't eat more than a few mouthfuls and I get stuck and have a slime attack. I fear that I may have slightly stretched my pouch.

Then eating lunch yesterday, it was a little dry and I ended up getting stuck and throwing up a bit, I think that has irritated my stoma a little as well.

So with all this self diagnoses I have decided to do the  day pouch test. Starting tomorrow. That way it will be finished before Xmas Eve as there is lunch at work on the day.

I know it is probably not the best time to do this, but I need to, I have been sore in my stomach, throat and neck for the last 24 hours, everything hurts going down.

My coffee hurt this morning. That has never happened before.

Tell me please if anyone has experienced this before? It really is weird, could it be a side affect from a big night on alcohol? I just realised that on Thursday night I had dinner a a friends and we drank a few glasses of wine and quite a few shots of ouzo. I hadn't thought that could be a factor as I didn't even feel hungover on Friday.

I don't want to panic, I hate panicking, so I am going to be proactive and do the pouch test. Lets hope I can do the whole thing without cheating. I am off to google some more recipes and ideas.

I hope everyone else is having a great weekend :o)

Friday, December 17, 2010

She's up and she's down

Yes it has been a while, sorry about that. I really do not know what is wrong with me at the moment... well actually, I have an idea.


And I really have no one to blame but myself.

I know I need a fill, but I can't tell why it is all of a sudden. I had really good restriction not too long ago and now it feels like I can eat every 1 & 1/2 hours. I can still only eat smallish amounts (although they are bigger than what they were) and I still have to chew properly. Looking back it is like the restriction I had after my second fill when I had about 8ml in altogether. So what I want to know is; what happened to the 0.5ml that was supposed to be in there?

Is it the heat? That is really the only external factor that I can think of.

Or is it just something that happens occasionally?

I called my surgeon for a fill appointment on Tuesday morning and I could either be there in 30 minutes or wait until 20 January 2011. I couldn't be there in 30 minutes :(  For one thing I was at work and for another I would have to have taken a taxi and that would have been about $40.00 each way. I didn't have that to spare so close to Christmas.

So I have to wait until Thursday 20th January. The reason for the long delay is that like most selective surgery & specialist doctors in Australia, they close up shop for at least a few weeks over the Christmas summer time. I think his receptionist said they were back on Monday 17th January, so it is in the first week that they are back.

Until then I just have to be strong and remember what I tell everyone else: Bandster Hell is something we all go through and it will come to an end. I just need to stick to my portion sizes and stay away for too much slider foods.

I also need to keep up my exercise, I have been a little slack with that this week too, mostly because I have felt a little run down, it is just the hot weather, it takes me a little time to get used to it.

But in other exercise related information: LOOK WHAT I JUST GOT:o)

My new black Wii and if you look real close a little Eiffel Tower
Isn't it great!!! It is a Christmas present, but it is my Mum and my present to ourselves, so we didn't wait to open it :P I spent twenty minutes doing the WiiSports and I worked up the biggest sweat (yes it was partly the heat) but I could really feel it!
So I am still here, up and down on all fronts: scales, emotions and food wise :) I promise to do better on my commenting ladies and gents, I am a little behind and so will try to catch up. Have a great weekend!! TGIF

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Season's Greetings: Our little Christmas cheer area so far :o)
I needed some encouragement after my last weigh in and remembered that it had been a while since I had taken my measurements.

Measurements taken on Sunday 5th Dec 2010 (from 3rd Jul 2010)
Neck: 34cm (was 39cm)
Bust: 112cm (was 117cm)
Chest: 102cm (was 106cm)
Waist: 111cm (was 113cm)
Hip: 140cm (was 152.5cm)
Left Arm: 42cm (was 44cm)
Right Arm: 45cm (was 45.5cm)
Left Thigh: 80cm (was 83.5cm)
Right Thigh: 82cm (was 84.5cm)
Left Knee: 44cm (was 45.5cm)
Right Knee: 43cm (was 45cm)
Left Calf: 49cm (was 52.5cm)
Right Calf: 48cm (was 52cm)
Total loss since last measuring in July: 
48cm (18.9 inches)

Check out the loss on my hips!!!!! That is were it has all gone from :o)

I really need to remember to do these more often. I noticed when I was entering these into my little spread sheet that I was very much into the 0.5cm last time, while this time I seem to have rounded to the nearest whole cm :o)

What also got me to remember and post these was the fact that last night was the last of a ten week fitness training program at work. Once a week a group of us went and did some training outside with a PT. I looked back over my weigh ins only to find that I had not even lost 2 kilos since the beginning. But I know I feel a lot better and I am really fitting into clothes a lot better too. These measurements just prove this in real terms.

So all things considered I really had a moment were I wondered why I was even bothering to exercise. I wasn't having nearly as much trouble losing weight before I joined the gym and started working out regularly. But then I gave myself a slap across the face (kidding) and told myself to wake up (not kidding). I feel way too good to not exercise now and I know I am so much fitter and stronger. And besides that, it will help so much later on when I have lost all my weight and need to maintain.

Okay, I have whinged enough for today :o) I hope all you wonderful bandsters are enjoying the week.
Au revoir,

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I need something

But I don't now what. I had a horrid gain this week and I really do not know what was behind it.

The only thing I can think of is the work Christmas party. I had a few drinks and did eat a few bits of finger food. And along with that there was some chocolate (I know I have banded it for the challenge, but it was a treat).

I had 5 really good workouts this week, and the only day I didn't have lots of water was on Friday (Christmas party).

I haven't kept a close eye on my calories this week and I am wondering how big a part this has had.

I have been thinking about getting a fill.

On one hand I am petrified of having too much. I have read about so many of you when you have had a touch too much and the awful times you have.

But on the other hand I do think I am eating too much and it is not really lasting as long as it should.

I am going to call my doctor's tomorrow and see about when I can get an appointment. Because even as I write this I think I have already made up my mind about the fill. I need to give another bit of fill a go. I can't hold back just because I am afraid of what might happen.

Now for my regular item for my trip - Things to do :o)
Hear the guard’s footsteps on the marble at Place Charles de Gaulle.
Visit the Arc de Triomphe early in the morning and stop and listen to the solitary guard’s footsteps on the marble. You’ll have to get there before the traffic though, but it will be worth it. The Arc is the center of the most amazing traffic roundabout and crossing to the arch has been termed vehicular roulette. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the Christmas season. And we all have successful plans to get through the season without too much self indulgence.

Have a great week all you great Bandsters :o)