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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Five Day Pouch Test - Day One

Hello everyone, thanks for your concern, Some have asked what the pouch test is - sorry about that, I have heard about so often I just assumed everyone knew what I was talking about. (And we all know about ASS-U-ME :P)

Basically it is a revisit to the start of our lapband journey. just in a much shorter period of time:
2 days full liquids
1 day soft protein
1 day firm protein
1 day solid protein

Here's a website that started the test :o)

Some people use it to kick start the weight loss again, others do it to check that there is no damage done to the band (i.e. slipped), others (like me) want to give the band a restart when we think it may be a little irritated and swollen in the stomach after an upset stomach.

And the more I think about, the more I am hoping that that is what it is, I did throw up twice on Thursday night (my memory can be very fuzzy when I write this blog sometimes on what actually happens occasionally) I am hoping that my stomach is just a little irritated from that and that it is not something bad!!!

Day one has not been too bad, I had a protein shake this morning and then a coffee mid morning (I only have one most days and the website says not to cut it out completely) Then at at lunch I had some chicken and corn creamed soup and I am having another small bowl of it know.

Water is also being consumed, in big quantities.

So that is it so far, I am still feeling a little tender when I swallow, especially if it is large mouthfuls, so I am keeping the drinks to sips very regularly instead of gulps when I remember.

I better get back to work (my week-end on - such fun) have a great week.

Oops, I almost forgot, I did forget to weigh myself for the challenge this morning so I now have to do that tonight and get it to Kristen tonight :)


  1. Thanks, that's a great link!! If I can't kickstart things after my surgery on Wednesday I might try that.

  2. Oh, that's awesome. :) I hope it turns out nothing bad is going on with your band!

  3. I got in to a cycle a couple of weeks ago with mine, I ate the wrong thing 2 or 3 times, pb'd 2 or 3 times, this made the band swell and I had lots of pbing for a few days, I even booked an unfill. But when I started being more sensible it eased off and I cancelled the unfill.
    I'm sure that your band is just a little swollen, the pouch test is a really good idea.

  4. One more thing about gastric lap band is that, you really have to monitor your food intake for you may suffer from it later. Having a band means it will reduce your appetite and you are going to have a slower digestion pattern. Some of the banders may experience constipation because of these reasons. So you better check your diet.

  5. The pouch test is a good way to give your band a break. Even just doing a couple days of the liquids and mushies will accomplish the same thing. Good luck!