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Sunday, December 5, 2010

I need something

But I don't now what. I had a horrid gain this week and I really do not know what was behind it.

The only thing I can think of is the work Christmas party. I had a few drinks and did eat a few bits of finger food. And along with that there was some chocolate (I know I have banded it for the challenge, but it was a treat).

I had 5 really good workouts this week, and the only day I didn't have lots of water was on Friday (Christmas party).

I haven't kept a close eye on my calories this week and I am wondering how big a part this has had.

I have been thinking about getting a fill.

On one hand I am petrified of having too much. I have read about so many of you when you have had a touch too much and the awful times you have.

But on the other hand I do think I am eating too much and it is not really lasting as long as it should.

I am going to call my doctor's tomorrow and see about when I can get an appointment. Because even as I write this I think I have already made up my mind about the fill. I need to give another bit of fill a go. I can't hold back just because I am afraid of what might happen.

Now for my regular item for my trip - Things to do :o)
Hear the guard’s footsteps on the marble at Place Charles de Gaulle.
Visit the Arc de Triomphe early in the morning and stop and listen to the solitary guard’s footsteps on the marble. You’ll have to get there before the traffic though, but it will be worth it. The Arc is the center of the most amazing traffic roundabout and crossing to the arch has been termed vehicular roulette. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the Christmas season. And we all have successful plans to get through the season without too much self indulgence.

Have a great week all you great Bandsters :o)


  1. Hey Sam... I know the holidays can be challenging.. I have really slipped off the band wagon hence my going on a strict two week jump start PLUS I am going on tuesday to hopefully get a fill.. before all hell broke loose in my life, I went through the house and threw out all leftover everything, pies,candy, nuts.. too much temptation.. even though its been over a year.. I am still in training on the eating side.. everyone says the band at its right restriction should take away those urges.. so perhaps it is time for that fill.. good luck.. also loved the pics.. thanks for sharing

  2. Exactly what Barbars said! Get the fill and take it will help you for sure!

  3. After having 4 unfills, my best advice is to get very small fills, it's better than overfills

  4. A small fill sounds like a good idea. Once you've had a few fills even .1 can make a big difference.

  5. Small fills sound like the way to go