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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Season's Greetings: Our little Christmas cheer area so far :o)
I needed some encouragement after my last weigh in and remembered that it had been a while since I had taken my measurements.

Measurements taken on Sunday 5th Dec 2010 (from 3rd Jul 2010)
Neck: 34cm (was 39cm)
Bust: 112cm (was 117cm)
Chest: 102cm (was 106cm)
Waist: 111cm (was 113cm)
Hip: 140cm (was 152.5cm)
Left Arm: 42cm (was 44cm)
Right Arm: 45cm (was 45.5cm)
Left Thigh: 80cm (was 83.5cm)
Right Thigh: 82cm (was 84.5cm)
Left Knee: 44cm (was 45.5cm)
Right Knee: 43cm (was 45cm)
Left Calf: 49cm (was 52.5cm)
Right Calf: 48cm (was 52cm)
Total loss since last measuring in July: 
48cm (18.9 inches)

Check out the loss on my hips!!!!! That is were it has all gone from :o)

I really need to remember to do these more often. I noticed when I was entering these into my little spread sheet that I was very much into the 0.5cm last time, while this time I seem to have rounded to the nearest whole cm :o)

What also got me to remember and post these was the fact that last night was the last of a ten week fitness training program at work. Once a week a group of us went and did some training outside with a PT. I looked back over my weigh ins only to find that I had not even lost 2 kilos since the beginning. But I know I feel a lot better and I am really fitting into clothes a lot better too. These measurements just prove this in real terms.

So all things considered I really had a moment were I wondered why I was even bothering to exercise. I wasn't having nearly as much trouble losing weight before I joined the gym and started working out regularly. But then I gave myself a slap across the face (kidding) and told myself to wake up (not kidding). I feel way too good to not exercise now and I know I am so much fitter and stronger. And besides that, it will help so much later on when I have lost all my weight and need to maintain.

Okay, I have whinged enough for today :o) I hope all you wonderful bandsters are enjoying the week.
Au revoir,


  1. I've heard veteran bandsters say time and time again to make sure you take your measurements. And you've just proven why! Great progress!

  2. That is fantastic Sam! Really, forget the damn scale, measurements tell the story so much more accurately any day of the week!

  3. congrats girly! You've done very well! I just recently redid measurements. I did them monthly until very recently. I haven't lost a pound in 6 months but I've lost 15.25 inches. The scale is not always my friend, even when I'm doing right.

  4. Congrats on loosing over 18 inches since July !
    Amazing :)

  5. Great job. Exercise definitely makes a difference physically and emotionally.

  6. Well done Sam, I don't go anywhere either when I exercise I seem to stall or gain weight. Next time I will be taking measurements and see if that works out better. You are doing a great job!

  7. The measurements sure are a kicker aren't they! I noticed the hips too even before you said it. WOW. Great job. I will have to do mine again too, you've inspired me!