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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rosin *from Lost in Cello blog*

I had to get some new rosin today. Something happened to my old rosin; I think it melted in the sun and then re-hardened a while ago and since then it hasn't been adhering to my bow.

I put one application on from the new rosin and my cello was singing again. I had not realised that the rosin was not sticking to the bow and my playing was just getting scratchier and scratchier.

Looking back I can't believe I didn't realise it either. A couple of months ago I was always checking the bow for rosin and making sure that I was putting enough on it and that I didn't have too much or not enough on it.

Lately; it has just been slipping my mind. I was blinding putting rosin on the bow every couple of days without really checking the bow.

And I was thinking that I was getting worse; not better with my playing.

After today; I realise it was just my own shortsightedness in not paying enough attention to what I was actually doing. Instead I was just doing what I thought I should have been doing without any concentration at all.

The small things can make such a big difference to the playing the cello.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Cello teacher *from Lost in Cello blog*

It's been awhile since I last posted.

I have a new cello teacher. JC: very different from B who is a uni student. JC is a mother of 8 and has been teaching music for 35 years. The reasoning behind this change was I couldn't stand the long travel anymore to get to my lessons with B and I need the stability of weekly lessons. B understood and wished me well, after he made sure I would make a good impression on the new teacher.

Which I did. She liked my playing technique, and was very impressed with my music reading level. Probably the best thing for me is that she is not that keen on memorising - I may be biased, but as I detest this, it was a bit of bonus for me.

I will miss my lessons with B but at least I only have a ten minute drive now instead of 1 1/2 hour drive to get to be lesson.

Also; my cello has just come back from Antonio Kim. It had a shorter bridge put on it to help with the humidity and the varnish had a touch up.

It was gone for a week; but that was alright as I had gastric banding surgery on Monday and so I have not been up to playing for the last few days. I should be fine to get back to it now. I have a lesson with JC on Monday night, so will need to get some decent practise sessions in over the week-end.

Will keep you up to date on my progress.