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Friday, January 7, 2011

Birthday Wishes!!!!

TGIF :o)

Today my beautiful baby turns three!!
When we first got her :o)  So Cute!!

Blondie today, still very cute :o)
This is Blondie, my beautiful puppy, now all grown up :o)

I am always wishing I could win the lotto, but when I stop and think about it..... I have.

Blondie is my lotto win.

It started when some friends of ours bought a new dog, a beautiful Maremma Sheepdog from a local pet store. he was very cute and playful and we fell in love with him. We all suddenly had this great idea that we should get one as well and we would be able to breed them!!

Well the pet store had already sold the other puppies, but they did thought that another store had some more of the same breed.

We went and checked them out. And we saw Blondie :o) It was just her and her gold sister in the cage and we thought she was so gorgeous. She is a cross between a Labrador and a white Shepard. We bought her, still thinking we would be breeding the couple for some adorable white puppies.

Needless to say, we never did breed her.

The other puppy didn't grow up to be so cute and playful, he grew up to be cute and aggressive!!

But Blondie, well she has grown into a beautiful and calm tempered dog, she rarely barks and is easy to walk. She is friendly with other dogs and loves kids. We can leave the garage door open and she will not step out of it into the front yard. And she gets on great with our older cat Charlie Brown.

Blondie and Charlie Brown sharing Blondie's bed
Yep, she is our lotto win :o)

Have a great week end, hope none of you have to work like me.


  1. She's gorgeous! Happy birthday Blondie!

  2. They are tilting their heads exactly the same way! too cute! happy birthday blondie!