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Monday, January 17, 2011

New week

Seems weird, we really were not affected at all. Our home is dry and safe, other than my mum's 7 hour journey home and my not being able to get home at all on Tuesday, we have really not been too affected.

What has been affected is my eating habits.

Does anyone else know what it's like to self medicate with chocolate. Yes, you know what I mean. I have eaten so much I am just about sick of it. But not quite.

The stress and worry from the week of flooding, and dealing with so many people trying to get to their homes and families via long distance trains that are cut in at least half a dozen places. Being on skeleton crew at work as half the office is affected by the floods. Not only that, but at work we have also been dealing with floods since before Christmas. I came back from a weeks holiday in the new year and have been bombarded with a stressful work environment.

It all piled up and I used a lot of chocolate to try and deal with it.

My big problems are:
A - I am now going through major chocolate withdrawals at the moment. To the point that I have not been able to stop eating the crap
B - I have a personal challenge that I was wanting to achieve and this month has not be at all helpful.
C - I am placing the blame on the things around me and not on me!!!!

Yes I know I am responsible for the choices I make, and those choices have not been very good lately.

I am trying to make some better ones. The frequency of chocolate has been reduced. And I am working on cutting it out so that it is back to normal treat levels and not the daily menu. I have actually been to the gym.

So here I am rambling away, trying to distract everyone from the fact that I have not been a very good bandster of late.

The scales have gone up, I hate that fact. It is one one thing that is making me stop. I can't stand the fact that I have let stress dictate over my eating habits again.

I was thinking back and this is really the first time I have succumbed to emotional eating since my surgery.

I have to work on that.

So I do hope everyone else is doing better than me. Please forgive the sporadic comments this last week. I am only just starting to catch up on my sleep :o)


  1. You have just been through a crisis. Forgive yourself and look forward. You can only change the future not the past. You'll be able to pull it together honey! Just think of poor little me over here in FL with a complete unfil for a month! That should perk you up in no time flat! Love ya, and I'm happy you and your family were not affected more by this tragedy.

  2. You've been through so much, I think that you can be forgiven for hitting the chocolate! Glad that everything is ok for you. Hope that you get back on track soon.

  3. It happens, and that's part of life. I had a chocolate fit myself yesterday and have no good excuse for it. I don't know how I got through halloween and Christmas with no problem, then on some random day I have to get my fix! Doesn't make sense.
    At least you're aware of what's happening and you're trying to stop it. You can do it!

  4. What's happening up North is devastating :( I couldn't even imagine it. Don't be too hard on yourself, today is another day.

    I am so glad that you are ok - seeing the images on TV constantly brought tears to my eyes - I couldn't even begin to imagine how I would cope in those circumstances.

    Take care :)

  5. I think we're all in the same boat. We only have one coping mechanism when it comes to stress and that is to eat chocolate! And for you, completely understandable. xox