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Monday, January 3, 2011

Re-discovery of Salad

I have started the 50lbs in 111 days personal challenge. I wasn't impressed to see that I had gained in between Christmas and New Year :( I know what happened; I had a fair bit of chocolate, and a fair bit of processed food. I am hoping it is mostly water weight and the pounds will be off again before I know it. They need to be if I plan on having any chance of even getting near to my 111 day goal :o)

I have posted a page with my 111 in 2011 list, it isn't 111% finished yet, but it is almost there. Coming up with a 111 things in one hit is quite hard!! I will probably finish it and then think of a few dozen other things that I would have preferred to have on it! But that is just typical of me.

Now for the tittle of this post:

Feta Cheese
Squeeze of Lemon
Sprinkle of Salt

Simple, easy and oh so delicious. I didn't want a salad of lettuce, so I just left it out :o)

It always amazes me that I repeatedly forget how much I love salads. And I can't believe how good the lemon was instead of salad dressing. I went to use the Paul Newman Classic dressing I had in the fridge, but it was out of date - don't know how long it had been there. So I just squeezed some lemon over and added a little salt and gave it a bit of a mix. So good - I had it with a small piece of fish.

I can tell I will be having this a few more times. I think it will even become a favorite for work lunches.

Speaking of which, I have to return to the work force tomorrow. Not looking forward too it. I got a phone call today, work wants me to come in two hours early tomorrow!! Yep, the first day back and I will be doing 10 hours instead of 8. Of course I said yes. They have been smashed for the entire time I have been away.

Due to the 'wonderful' floods here in Queensland, there has only been a handful of train services that have been able to depart. And those that have travelled have only been able to get part way! Nothing like hitting the ground running :o)

Train engines flooded in QLD

A street in Bundaberg

The only thing I want to make sure of, is that I keep up my gym routine when I get back to work!! And I know that is going to be a struggle as I will be in for a week of long hours, plus it will be my week end to work so I work tomorrow, have Wednesday off and then work right through to the following Friday (14th). I think I have mentioned before how much I dis-like my week-end shifts :o)

Alright, enough rambling from me, have a great week!!!


  1. I've just read through your 111 list and wondered when you'll be coming to the UK for your holidays and whereabouts you are staying? Perhaps we might get the chance to meet up!
    Hope the floods aren't affecting you too badly.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Saw the news last night about the floods - hope it's not near you.

    I love salads too and since the band I haven't had any - so I made sure that I had one today - it was really good and low in calories and rich in protein.

    Good luck with your 111 day challange - I am sure you will do it :)