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Friday, January 7, 2011


After much thought and reflection I have to retract on the 111 in 2011 plan for this year.

As much as I love the thought of it, I know I will not accomplish them all, and it has only been weighing me down thinking of all those things I am going to fail at.

So I am modifying the theme.

I will reduce it to 11 project for 2011. But they will be projects and not just small things to do!!

So the revised list is as follows:
1. 50lbs in 111 days (this is a keeper that I need for my weight loss journey)
2. Organise and back up all photos and get some of the albums together
3. Do a photo journal of my trip to France and England
4. Exercise 3 times a week, every week
5. Donate blood six times
6. Practice the Cello at least 111 hours for the year

7. Speak to Tabatha once a week at least
8. Set up my reward bracelet and wear it
9. Post on my blog 3 times a week
10. Cook dinner at least twice a week and have a dinner party
11. Spend New Year's Eve at a party!!!!!
These are the ones I really didn't want to lose. And this way I am more likely to meet most of them, if not all for the year.

Yet a small part of me is thinking I have failed myself and I will never get anywhere if I don't strive. But then another part of me retaliates with this shorter list is still striving for a better life.

There are lots of parts to all of us, and the trick is to get all the parts working together to get through the journey :o) (Hows that for vague words of wisdom!!!)


  1. I think this is a great list, and its smart to avoid setting urself up for failure. Best of luck to u and ur list!

  2. Great list! Maybe keep your 111 as a bucket list?

  3. Sounds good to me and totally doable !

  4. That's a great list! Simplifying is the way to go. You don't want to overwhelm yourself :)

  5. I just made your 100th follower - how cool is that?